Warning! images may be too scary for younger viewers



The Harpy of Evergreen

While some may believe that it’s only nighttime when monsters can walk freely, Queen Arena hunts in the daylight, while it’s only nighttime the demons can flee the sun; Danny still looks for Milly rain or shine. While it’s only nighttime the nightmares come true; Buddy guards his warehouse no matter what time it is. While it’s only nighttime the dangers of Umbra are released, a new danger merged in the day. In the Evergreen Forest, many have seen a bird-like monster roaming the trails, she is called “The Harpy of Evergreen.” She stands five point five feet tall. Her appearance is a mutation of a woman and a bird, her skin the color of a reddish-tint flesh.

The Harpy’s talons are white-like nails but long and sharp from all the rocks she scratches on. Her big grey and wrinkled eyes search for anything she can stab with her beak and eat whole. Many reports have been sent to the news about thirteen deaths of campers and hikers who have been reported to have been clawed and pecked to death. Some even were missing chunks of flesh, presumed to be pecked off and eaten. I, myself, have encountered her once pecking at a corpse of a camper; all I can say is that I was able to scare her off with my claws.

If you ever run into The Harpy, there are some ways to get away from her. Though she may have bird DNA inside her, The Harpy can’t truly fly. From my observations, her featherless body reaches to the tips of her wings. The best she can do is glide, but that doesn’t mean she can’t climb. Her eyes are only on the side of her head, looking straight forward is a small problem for her. Last of all, in order to “fly,” her bones had to be made lightweight and hollow, but because of it, she’s easy to push off because of her lightness. If you decided to wander into the Evergreen Forest, listen for any footsteps or unusual bird calls because if you do, The Harpy may be around.

Beware The Harpy Of Evergreen


The Water Demon of Glass River

In the late 2000s, the news reported the death of a beloved pet dog that drowned in the Glass River after the currents swept him up. After his death, the warehouse had never been the same since. Many people who work at the cargo dock or drove passed it have reported seeing a dog wandering around the area. It’s appearance looked identical to the dog that had drowned in the river. At first, no one really believed it that it was the dog until they realized that his body was never found. 

Through multiple reports the dog has been described as what looked to be a large, male Chocolate Labrador (Retriever) with a soaking wet coat and white, bloodshot eyes. The Warehouse had to be shut down and the river condemned to anyone who comes near the area for certain reasons. The bodies of past workers and random by-passers have been found dead either mutilated by an animal or have drowned in the river with wounds on them, the bodies were either covered or had some bite marks on them one way or another. The marks were confirmed to be that of a possible rabid dog. I myself have stumbled upon one of these bodies and I know for a fact it’s not just any dog. 

He was a sweet dog but now turned wicked by a greater force. His muzzle now snarls to anyone and anything, baring this rows of sharp and jagged fangs, waiting to sink them into someone’s skin. His size and strength, bigger and stronger than he was in life. The dog’s brute force has enough power and force to tear through flesh and mark your bones.  

His wet nose gives him a powerful sense of smell, allowing him to know when fresh meat enters his territory. Though his ears constantly get water in them, he can still hear your heart racing as you hide from him. But his eyesight is now dull and a bit blurry from the water, making him crash into things often when chasing down his victims. But one main thing I’ve noticed if you ever run into him; while he does have the ability to spawn out of water puddles or use them as type of teleportation, he suffers from PTSD and has a fear of large bodies of water because of his death. 

If you ever pass a river where it’s water is clear as glass and hear the whines of a poor, helpless dog coming from an old warehouse; be smart and avoid its call for it may be the last thing you hear before the hunt begins.

Beware the Water Demon of Glass River


The Knocker

There’s a man going around towns, knocking and people’s doors asking to be let in for a cup of sugar. His eyes are sunken into this skull with a light glow to them, his whole entire figure is bone thin and stretched out. But most of all is his gnarled, nasty smile filled with the most crooked teeth that anyone has seen. No one exactly knows who he is or where he comes from, all that they know is to never let him in. The Knocker is responsible for twenty home invasions, including deaths.

The Knocker walks up to any house that has anyone still awake and knocks on their doors asking for some sugar for his cake. If someone were to fall for his trap and opened the door to him, he would chase them down to their room and stab them with the glass shards he keeps in his pockets. Then he would open up the corpse’s mouth and pluck out their teeth only to eat them. Then we would steal any of there clothes so he can hide his gruesome looks. Then when he is done with is nasty deed, he’ll leave, take some sugar and repeat his routine on another house.

However if your smart enough to not fall for his trap and stay hidden from any window where he can look in, he’ll leave and try another house giving you enough time to call the next house and tell them to do the exact same thing. But don’t even bother to try and get help from the police, no matter how much they know about him, no matter how they know his every move, they never managed to catch the criminal. He always managed to escape the police and disappear into the woods. For the sugar, no one really knows if he really bakes a cake out of it, but some say sometimes when you walk by the woods you can smell cinnamon cake.

Beware The Knocker


The Zoran Express

In the early 1920s a great inventor named Nigel Williams created a steam engine that was believed to be the fastest engine ever created by man, he called it “The Zoran Express”. When Nigel was finished with his project he wanted to open his creation to the public, he hoped the train could take passengers to a station that took almost a whole day to get to just by any other train. But he wanted to cut the travel time in half and believed that he could get there in eight hours. The race to the station was about to begin, three, two, one! The clock struck twelve o’clock pm. The whistle let out a loud cry and the engine rode off.

The Zoran express chugged along the tracks, running faster and faster towards the destination. Though it almost seems that the train was going almost too fast, 80, 90, 100mph. The train needed to slow. It was too late, the sparks from the wheels lit a fire inside the boiler and caused an explosion. Killing all 66 passengers, including Nigel Williams himself who drove the train.

It was a horrible day for everyone. The business was buried in millions of debt from the casualties then after forced to shut down when they couldn’t pay off the debts since no bank wanted to help them after the horrible and bitter reputation they now had. But that isn’t the end of The Zoran Express, at night when the clock strikes midnight some say that you can still hear the train thunder down the tracks, still trying to reach its destination before the sun rises.

The now beaten up engine roaring down the tracks, The whistle giving off its demonic cry as it speeds down the railway and the dead passengers that wait in the torn up and ruined passenger cargo, giving off their crazed laughter and mournful wails. The conductor screaming “All Board!!” in his choked up and raspy voice with his jaw hanging low. Then Nigel Williams himself in his old raggedy and bloodied engineer jumpsuit, hurrying to end this horrific unfinished business so they can finally rest and pass on into the afterlife.

Though sadly Nigel nor the train has been able to reach the station, forcing him to restart and go through this vicious cycle all over again. Some who walk on the deserted tracks have been injured or killed by the ghost of the Zoran Express. For those who find this; hear my warning, if you ever find these tracks and you hear the sound of the Zoran’s whistle, get off of the tracks and run.

Beware the ghost of The Zoran Express


The Cottage Creature

Deep in the woods lies an old broken cottage, its wood all rotten and broken. The porch is missing blanks and all sticky. But most of all, the door is bright red door with an unearthly symbol painted on it. Whatever you do, do not open the door. For if you were to open it, the monster would be freed from its rotting prison. The creature stands eight feet tall, it’s “fur” all dirtied and damp.

It’s teeth, spotted with rot and stained with a crimson red, and it’s claws, oh the claws! sharp and thick as a hunter’s knife. It stomps around the forest with it’s cloven “hooves” and long vine-like tail. It mumbles and growls with a snarl on its bare face. But the most gruesome thing is that its heart is exposed with some ribs sticking out. The heart pumps and throbs with a reddish glow, beating louder and louder for anyone to hear for a mile away.

If it ever saw anything or anyone, it would let out an ear-splitting shriek and slowly hunt them down, not because it’s slow or old but for the fun of seeing them shaking with fear. Be on your toes and watch your surroundings because when you see glowing blue eyes, you’ll know when he’s found you.

Beware the Cottage Creature


Daphne Ragwort

When I was little I used to watch a broadcasting cartoon show called “Share n’ Care” the show was about being nice to others, staying away from dangerous things or bad people and treating everyone right. The main character in the show was a girl named Daphne Ragwort. Daphne was very pale with rosy cheeks, her hair and eyes were the same chocolate and brunette color; she wore a classic little girl’s red dress, white knee-high socks, and black dress shoes. Daphne was a bit plump and yet oddly curvy, no one knew exactly what age she was; she gave the appearance of a little girl but her voice…it sounded like a teenage girl. Even though she was the main character in her show, Daphne was the one to start trouble or “show an example” to kids what they shouldn’t do.

But of course, there was a character to tell her that what she was doing was wrong. His name was McCloud. McCloud was an anthropomorphic goat-man that would ride on a fluffy white cloud; he wore a necktie with his turtleneck sweater and his khakis. Whenever Daphne would get into trouble, he would fly down on his magical cloud and tell her what might have been the nicest thing to do instead of what she did. I always thought that McCloud was her dad because they lived together, and he did take care of her like a father would. But there would be some episodes where Daphne was in her own house.

One night on a late Sunday, I was thrilled to watch the newest episode that everyone was talking about in my school. When I got home I didn’t even hesitate; I rushed to the television and turned it on. I was beaming with excitement as the intro song started the show, and there was Daphne who was supposed to greet us but she wasn’t smiling, instead, she had a big pouty face on and her arms were folded. “Someone is dating a boy I like,” she whined “but don’t worry I know how to get him back.” An evil looking grin stretched across her face, and I could have imagined it, but I thought her eyes flashed red when she grinned. I shook it off and continued to watch the show. Soon the camera panned over to a boy and a girl giggling and hugging each other. Daphne waited for the girl to leave; when the girl did, she took her chance.

I was confused about what was going on, and I was feeling uncomfortable. Even though I knew I should’ve changed the channel, my childish mind wanted to see where this was going. So Daphne took her chance and started talking to the boy, but she wasn’t being sweet to him. Instead, she was talking bad things about the girl he was with. The boy frowned and told her that she was being unfair and cruel then told her to leave. Daphne started crying and ran home; the camera panned into her kitchen where she was crying on the table. Right on cue, McCloud flew in on his cloud and…wait a minute, there was something wrong with McCloud; something was wrong.

His white fur was now a dirty dark grey and his soft brown eyes were now a dark red. “That ungrateful girl stole your man; what are you going to do about it?” his raspy voice muttered. Daphne look at him with tears running down her face then looked at the kitchen knives. “You know what to do…kill the ungrateful brat” he muttered again. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Before I could do anything, Daphne took the knife and marched over to the couple again. I wanted to change the channel, but I was too scared to move a muscle; it felt like I was paralyzed with fear. When the two saw her, the boy asked her what she was doing with a knife; before he could even get an answer. Daphne jumped on the girl and starting stabbing her over and over again.

The boy started screaming and ran off when Daphne finished off the girl; she ran after him and trapped him in a corner. “You shouldn’t have gone out me Matty…now your little girlfriend is dead,” she said in a mocking, babyish voice. “But don’t worry, I still love you.” She gave him a kiss before she stabbed him. Then McCloud came back and laughed, “Good, my child, now destroy the rest,” and just like that she started to go on a mass murder. I screamed watching it happen; then Daphne looked my way and said in the same mocking baby voice, “What’s wrong?” Then she snapped her neck and screamed at me, “CAN’T HANDLE IT YOU LITTLE BRAT?!” I screamed and finally turned the TV off as my parents rushed in and asked what was wrong. After I had told them what I had watched, they were too afraid to turn the T.V. back on.

      The next morning my parents called the station and demanded to know why they would put that kind of stuff in a kid’s show. All they got for an answer was “What episode?” My parents were furious and told the man, “the Share n Care episode that aired last night!” There was a long pause before the man answered again “Share n Care?…not again, look you’re not the first parents to ask about this, and I’m terribly sorry about what happened…but we don’t make a show here called “Share n Care.” Mom and dad froze as they hung up. Later in the afternoon, the news came on and it was about the latest episode of “Share n Care.” The police have uncovered an empty broadcasting room with the whole series of the show on types but the one thing that scared everyone the most was the amount of occult-like things in it. It would seem that the show “Share n Care” was made by a cult for little kids to join them.

Ever since that episode aired, I’ve never watched any cartoons or have gotten much sleep ever since then.


The Stranger

I was thirteen by the time it had happened, and who would’ve thought that the timing the incident occurred would be almost too perfect for it to just be coincident. It was near Halloween and my school was raising money for our school forest. I helped with planning, decorating, and putting on makeup, and I was a clown in the trail. My friend Lewis and I were trying on our costumes to see if we fit in them; mine fitted me just fine, but Lewis was just a bit too big for him. As our teacher Mr. Henry looked for another costume for Lewis, we started to decorate the trail with our creepy props, like skeletons, spiders, and other things like that.

When we were done our teacher called for everyone and said that he had a professional performer named Monty who would love to help us and was going to join us soon on the day the trail was started. It was cool to hear the news that a professional was going to help us with the trail, but he wouldn’t be here until next Thursday. Fast forward to the next Monday; Lewis had gotten his new clown costume and it fitted him perfectly. We went over who would go where and how they should scare the people who would come by and other things like that. Later on, we got a letter from the guy; in the letter it said, “Hey students of Maryland High, I’m so excited to help you out with your haunted trail! Be sure to look for me in the trail, I’ll be wearing a bunny mask with overalls on. See you soon. -Monty”

Now we were really excited to see him in the trail. We sent him back a letter of how grateful we were to have him on board and thanked him for helping us. We sent the letter and continued on with the trail. Then our principal came out and told us to get inside immediately. When we did, our teacher asked what was wrong; the principal looked very worried. “A patient from the mental hospital escaped.” We were all shook; The mental hospital was only maybe twenty or thirty miles away from us. We waited to see what would happen to the haunted trail, and we didn’t get a response until a day before.

Turns out the patient was brought back to the hospital, but looking back from today, I think that it was just a lie for everyone just so they could calm down. That Wednesday we were in a hurry to finish everything and get ready for the haunted trail the next day. When Lewis and I got our things ready, we hurried to help out the other students with their props. The day had come and the school had never felt slower as I felt too impatient for school to end. When my last class ended, I gave my teacher my slip to leave early so I could get Lewis and I ready for the trail.

When I started to do everyone’s face paint, Mr. Henry told everyone that Monty was going to be late and he would join us soon when the trail started. I was a bit disappointed when I heard the news, but it was quickly drowned out when I saw how much time we had left before we had to get into our places. The time was 7:00 pm when the haunted trail actually started, and we got to work and started to scare all the people that walked by our spots. Later I felt a light tap on my shoulder and looked around to see it was Monty standing right behind me. I smiled and I thanked him for helping us and told him that his station was next to Lewis and I.

Soon he got to work, and I got to say, he really was scaring the people by jumping out the of the bush and screaming at them. It almost looked real…almost too real. After a while, my friend Lewis said that Monty wanted Lewis to help him with something and told me that he would be back soon. What I wouldn’t know is that it would be the last time I would ever see Lewis. It was nearly the closing of the haunted trail when everyone noticed that Monty and Lewis were both missing.

. . .

Police started coming in and I gave them as good of a description I could give of the psychotic Monty, but it wasn’t much since he was wearing a mask. “What kind of mask was he wearing?” one of the officers asked, her face looked so worried. “A rabbit mask..why?” I asked, and what the officer said completely shook me “Because one of the patients at the mental hospital wears a rabbit mask too.” My eyes widened and my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach. “But I thought the patient was caught and put back into the hospital,” I said. The other police officer shook his head “We only said that so no one would be worried.”


Kira the Face Eater

Beware the demons who soar through the night and give everyone’s soul a fright;
They have no nose, ears, or eyes but have a massive mouth that gives off a deadly cry.
Their skin is the color of fresh blood, and their body ends with a ghostly tail.
One touch from their bony arms will send chills of the cold and turn you pale.
Its mouth takes up its whole entire face and feels for the warmth you give off when your heart begins to race.

Many kids and teens alike try to summon this beast but they grabbed the kids and on their face, Kira had feast. With one big bite, it will chew on your face and leave your body on the ground. To get rid of the demon and keep yourself from getting slaughtered, you must paint your face with Holy water. Then a circle of salt must be drawn and wait there until dawn for when the sun begins to rise; the demon shall flee for it is the sun that it despises.

Under any circumstances never summon the demon.

Beware Kira the face-eater.


The Two Moons

Imagine a full moon night blessed with soft, shimmering stars and a crisp, cool breeze that had just blown in. You close your eyes to listen to the symphony of crickets singing and bathed in the moonlight. Opening your eyes, you see oddly another moon slowly waxing into a full moon. A cold shiver rushed down your spine and shook you ever so violently. Quickly you rubbed your eyes, thinking you were only just imagining it but only to open your eyes to see that the moon was still there and fuller than before.

Soon both of the moons were full and beamed towards you as if it was looking at you. Then suddenly a huge, hideous grin stretched out into the night sky and started to drool over your appearance. You screamed in sheer terror and ran inside the house as your next door neighbor rushed out to see what was wrong, but the two moons and the grin lunge at him and ate him whole, then the midnight skied-creature slowly backed up and back into the sky. Slowly the moons started to disappear and the cool breeze had stopped dead. Building up your courage, you carefully and quietly stepped outside to see what was remaining of your neighbor; was their empty shoes. You looked around the ground to hear that the crickets had ended their song, then to the sky as the stars slowly began to die out.

The only thing you could hear was your heart furiously beating in your chest, suddenly the street lights went out and all the lights around you. Leaving you in the dark, dead silence. Until you could hear a deep, low grumble.

Beware the Two Moons.