Pandemic – A Flash Fiction

The year of 2020 was already on a decline since New Years. It feels as if the world is slowly falling apart one minute at a time and there’s nothing you can do about it cause of other stupid people. I can’t wait for everything to be completely back to normal. I forgot what it feels like to sit down and watch sports for crying out loud.

Or even taking a girl out on a date or out to dinner. Can’t do that anymore for a while now. At the beginning of all this crap, I was about to lose my mind getting into the transition of things and learning the new new. But I eventually ended up moving out and into my buddy Bob’s. I’d say it’s pretty cool to live with a friend; of course you piss each other off sometimes but it’s cool. Boy’s will be boys, amiright ?

I havent had to work much during all of this. I have a pretty big chunk of money saved up somehow but god works in mysterious ways, so thank god haha. But I am gonna have to get a job here soon because unemployment doesn’t last forever, sadly, and I gotta save for my apartment that I’m moving into next fall in FL! But yeah so this is the story of my pandemic experience hope you enjoy.


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