The Frozen Forest

The Frozen Forest By : Wraith 

          On a normal day in December a teenager named Alex was sitting in his chemistry class doing his classwork when all of a sudden he heard a deep, raspy voice call out to him. This deep and raspy voice told him “Alex, you need only listen to the sound of my voice. Let your mind relax, let your thoughts drift, let the bad memories fade.” As Alex was hearing this he frantically looked around his class to see where this voice was coming from. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a tall but slender black mass flowing in the rough shape of a person standing in the back corner with what looked like an arm, stretched out towards him.


           Alex woke up groggy and sat up in his bed. Lazily he reached his hand over to his end table and picked up his phone and checked the time. He said with disdain “6:40 in the morning. Great.” He removed the blanket over his lower extremities and swung his legs over the edge of his bed and tilted his head down while having his eyes closed. He let out a soft, quiet groan as he stood up out of his bed. 

          Taking in a deep breath, he reached his arms up and behind him, stretching his torso as he let out a sigh of relaxation. Lowering his arms he took a few steps to his dresser and pulled open the door drawer and changed his undergarments, then grabbing a pair of socks he lazily put them on and closed the drawer. Opening his second drawer he grabbed a Metallica shirt and slid it on before closing it. Finally, opening the third drawer he grappled a black pair of jeans and put them on before pushing the drawer closed with his foot.

          Alex would turn to his door and look at the four hoodies he had hanging on hooks, he would grab a simple black hoodie and put it on before opening his door and walking out. He’d walk down the long hallways and step into the common room and see his dog Spike sleeping on the couch. He smiled and quietly walked over to the couch and knelt down and softly started petting Spike. After a minute Alex stood up and walked to the pantry and scooped up a bowl of dog food and set it down.

          Spike, knowing the familiar sound of his dog food bowl would rush over and start eating. Alex would open the pantry again and grab the half a loaf of bread that was there and the peanut butter. Alex would set the peanut butter and bread on the counter before putting two pieces in the toaster and grabbing a butter knife from the silverware drawer.

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