Warning! images may be too scary for younger viewers

The Harpy of Evergreen

While some may believe that it’s only nighttime when monsters can walk freely, Queen Arena hunts in the daylight, while it’s only nighttime the demons can flee the sun; Danny still looks for Milly rain or shine. While it’s only nighttime the nightmares come true; Buddy guards his warehouse no matter what time it is. While it’s only nighttime the dangers of Umbra are released, a new danger merged in the day. In the Evergreen Forest, many have seen a bird-like monster roaming the trails, she is called “The Harpy of Evergreen.” She stands five point five feet tall. Her appearance is a mutation of a woman and a bird, her skin the color of a reddish-tint flesh.

The Harpy’s talons are white-like nails but long and sharp from all the rocks she scratches on. Her big grey and wrinkled eyes search for anything she can stab with her beak and eat whole. Many reports have been sent to the news about thirteen deaths of campers and hikers who have been reported to have been clawed and pecked to death. Some even were missing chunks of flesh, presumed to be pecked off and eaten. I, myself, have encountered her once pecking at a corpse of a camper; all I can say is that I was able to scare her off with my claws.

If you ever run into The Harpy, there are some ways to get away from her. Though she may have bird DNA inside her, The Harpy can’t truly fly. From my observations, her featherless body reaches to the tips of her wings. The best she can do is glide, but that doesn’t mean she can’t climb. Her eyes are only on the side of her head, looking straight forward is a small problem for her. Last of all, in order to “fly,” her bones had to be made lightweight and hollow, but because of it, she’s easy to push off because of her lightness. If you decided to wander into the Evergreen Forest, listen for any footsteps or unusual bird calls because if you do, The Harpy may be around.

Beware The Harpy Of Evergreen


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