Wraiths Story #5

The Journey

One cold winter’s day, a family goes on a journey by rocket. They are going to another country. When they get there, they are shocked to find everything destroyed. They see dead bodies everywhere. Way off in the distance the father sees someone walking around. He calls out and that person hears him. The person starts running full speed at the family. The family was a little worried, but they just stood there. When the person was close enough to see clearly, the father noticed he was covered in blood. Now everyone was worried. All of a sudden everyone heard a gunshot and the person fell to the ground. A man walked out of a broken down building. He slowly approached the family. He asked, “ why did you just stand there? Why didn’t you run?” the father answered with “Why should we have run, and why did you shoot that man?” the man quickly responded with, “ That “Man” was a zombie, a walking maggot farm, a walking, sentien, necrotic corpse. That thing would have killed all of you, or worse.” the entire family was disgusted with what they just heard. The man said,” My name is marcus, i can help you survive if you join me in my community.” the family agreed and left with the man towards the shelter. It was several hours of walking before they got to the shelter. Shortly after they got settled in the warning signal sounded. Everyone in the camp except the family knew what that meant.

The zombies were rushing the door. The family was followed on the way to the camp. Marcus and some others rushed to the door and made a makeshift barricade. Marcus was shouting orders to his people. Some of the armed citizens were leading the others to safety. The family was escorted to the shelter deep inside the complex. Meanwhile marcus and 3 others were at the door waiting for the zombies to break down the door. When the zombies finally broke down the door marcus and the 3 others opened fire. When the other armed people heard the shooting, they left the group and went to help marcus. Marcus was relieved to see that some of his people were there to help with the situation. After what felt like hours marcus and his people had finally killed the last zombie that was at the door.

Marcus said “We need to get our people to the secondary holdout location. William, you get our people ready for the travel. John, Mack, Shaun and I will clean up while you are getting them ready. Soon after that the people of the community were ready to leave. After an hour of travel, the group came to the secondary location. It was an old building with a slanted wall protecting them from threats coming from that direction. On the opposite side was a forest with a fence around the perimeter.  The building looked like it had been abandoned before the outbreak. But it was a perfect spot to set up a camp. There was an underground section to the building that was used for the people to sleep in. there was always two or more people on the surface watching for zombies. Down below, Marcus was talking to his people. He said, “As many of you know we were attacked by the zombies. We fought them off with no casualties.”

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