Wraith’s Stories #4

Wraiths Story 4

A  jazz musician at a celebration late at night while reminiscing about how things have changed

John was at his son’s celebration party. John was a jazz musician. He played the saxophone. The celebration lasted for 4 hours. By the end of the party, it was late at night. John was reminiscing about how much his life had changed because he had Daniel. Since Daniel was born he has always been happy with his life. John never felt like he could ever do anything else but care for his son.  John was getting into his late 40’s. He was about to retire and he was happy about that. What he wasn’t happy about, his son was going into the military. He was scared he might never see his son again. Since everybody was over the age to legally have alcohol, there were a few drunk guys trying to start a fight.one drunk guy walked up to Daniel and pushed him and said “let’s fight”. Daniel  pushed him back put the drunk man was persistent. Daniel finally just punched the man in the face. They got outside and the police showed up and and a german started shouting telling them to get down and he said you had to the count of fünf to get on the ground before you get tazed. They he started counting in german, Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier,, he was about to say  fünf , but the two got on the ground. So they were just arrested.

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