By: Crimson Tears

Pain is something that will destroy us bit by bit, piece by piece. Pain is what makes us different it changes us as people it makes us change because of what it does to you it makes you see things differently it makes you trust less it makes you a different person all together. Pain hurts whether its emotional, physically, mentally or verbally it still hurts no matter how you look at it, it still hurts us as humans we get hurt we feel pain we are not monsters that don’t feel we are not monsters that just kill because we can and we are not monsters that feel nothing as we do it as we watch them die. No we are human we are living breathing beings that feel everything and see things that we don’t want to see but we do we hear the truth and reality in our own words and from those around us we deny when here that someone we love has died even though we know it’s true we deny because we try and block out the pain and the loss but we can’t because we always feel that loss deep in our hearts and the only way to deal with the pain is to accept the loss and embrace it and to grieve but if we let the pain and loss consume us we become a shell of who we use to be of who we once were and when you are a shell you become nothing you waste a way until you disappear and die because you chose to let the pain and grief consume you from the inside out. Pain is a weapon of choice for many because they know how to wield it and use it as a deadly weapon pain on it’s own is a weapon and that is why i chose to write about pain because it is it’s own weapon. One that can destroy us all in one blow. 


By crimson tears 

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