Life through Food-Lefse

By GreBeL

Over Thanksgiving Break, I was lucky enough to spend the week with my grandmother, a sweet woman with a rich Scandinavian background. Our family came from Swedish-Norwegian immigrants, with an even deeper history in both countries. We take our genealogy seriously, since it’s a part of what makes us who we are. One of the biggest benefactors from our history was our recipes. During our visit, we made some of the dishes that have been passed down over the years.


1 cup flour for every pound of mashed potatoes (Real potatoes preferably)

2 cups flour set aside

1 tablespoon sugar

After cooling mashed potatoes for at least one hour, combine potatoes (real potatoes work best, however, instant potatoes will do. If using instant, be mindful of cook time), flour, and sugar in a bowl using clean hands. Once combined, roll into balls and set aside. Coat surface in flour.

[This is where it gets tricky, since lefse is a common holiday dish, we use a special board, pin, fryer, and lefse sticks.]

After rolling the lefse, use a quarter-point lefse stick(pointed stick) and gently move lefse to the grill. (TIP:always carry lefse in the middle, the stick will stabilize it and prevents dough from cracking) Grill should be at 425 degrees Fahrenheit, however, you can adjust to reduce burning. Slowly and carefully, roll the lefse off of the stick. In about 15 seconds, there should be small air bubbles forming in the lefse, DO NOT POP!! If the air bubble gets too large and takes over the lefse, pat the bubble down with a dull-point lefse stick.

Flip the lefse with the dull-point lefse stick after 20 seconds. Let the lefse sit for another 20 seconds and remove using the dull-point. Place on a thick towel (we use clean bath towels) and cover to keep the lefse from drying out. Carefully wipe grill with clump of wax paper to remove burned/excess flour (helps if you have a sink next to the grill, however, DON’T splash water on grill!).

Lefse stack in towel

Repeat process, making another stack for every 25 lefse (this helps with making sure the lefse cool correctly). Spread butter on the finished product, sprinkle with sugar, and roll to enjoy your freshly-made lefse!

Finished Lefse

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