Wraiths Story #3

Story #3 By: Wraith   

  With one loud BOOM and the sound of metal hitting metal, Dan looked out of his scope to check the target. He had a long walk to his target he set up. He was 250 yards away from the target he was shooting. Dan loved to shoot his guns after he got done with work. He was 25, 6’1, brown haired, and had bluish  greenish eyes. 

  He had a well paying job as a weapons clerk in Texas. On a normal day he was cleaning one of his rifles while one of his co-workers was at the register, a man came in with a loader fired arm and said he would shoot the one at the register if she wouldn’t give him all the money. Dan saw all of this happening and the robber didn’t see him. So Dan used his rifle that he was cleaning and aimed at the robber. He shot him 3 miles before the robber hit the floor. One bullet hit his hand with the gun in it, one in the shoulder, and one right in his chest.

  The one at the register called the police and an ambulance. The cops came and arrested Dan for using a live firearm in a closed, public environment. Dan was brought to the precinct and held for questioning. After Dan explained that he shot in defense for his coworker. The cops gave him 12 hours in one of their cells and then let him out. After that day Dan was so depressed that he killed another person.

   He never truly became himself after that day. He said he would never use a weapon again even if he was witnessing a robbery at his store. He slowly stopped coming to work and ended up getting fired. A few months later there was a news report that there was a hostage situation at a local gun store. There was 2 employees, and 5 customers. Dan said to himself that he wouldn’t interfere. He ended up going there and seeing if he could help.

   The swat team said they needed someone who knew the layout of the place. So Dan suited up and went in alone through one of the back doors. When he was in the store he saw the one keeping the hostages. He also saw another man taking guns and ammunition and putting them in several duffle bags. He knew he had to get to the part of the store that had the weapon attachments. He got there without getting seen.

    He equipped a silencer, and got some hollow point rounds so he would do a great amount of damage without killing them. He shot the one who was watching the hostages. The hostages screamed and the other man turned around and saw his friend bleeding on the floor. He go so nervous he dropped the bag and grabbed one of the rifles trying to find who shot his friend.

    Dan got behind the man and hit him in the back of the head with the butt stock of his rifle. He walked out after putting all the guns and ammo in the correct places(force of habit).when he was done he walked out the front door with the hostages. He was deemed a hero of the public and was in the days cnn heroes study.

      After that day he was recognized as the one who had saved the gun store from escaped prisoners. They would have stolen the guns and ammo so the could sell them and get rich off of the things they stole. Dan got re-hired at the gun store and was promoted to co-owner for saving the store. Twice.

The end

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