Wraiths Story 2

The God of War

Story written out from the games by Wraith

Kratos is the son of Zeus and a mortal woman named Callisto. Growing up Kratos had a brother named Deimos. He was taken by Ares and his sister Athena because of a prophecy that said, “A marked man will bring the destruction of Olympus and life as they knew it,” the reason they took Deimos and not Kratos was because of Deimos’s birthmarks that covered his skin. After Deimos was taken, Kratos had painted his skin to match the marks of his brother. 

When Kratos was old enough to fight in the Spartan army, he quickly climbed up the ranks and became a general faster than anyone else that had been a general.

On a normal day in Sparta there was a  lonely general named Kratos, he was preparing for a great battle with the Persians; he led 1,000 spartans to battle. Little did Kratos know, the persians had asked the barbarians to help with the battle. The Persians knew that they couldn’t defeat the Spartans alone. Kratos was surprised to see the barbarians helping the Persians. He told his soldiers to get into battle formations. The Persians made the first move and the Spartans answered, they sent their troops to battle the Persians.

While the Spartan army was fighting, their general, Kratos was fighting the Persian general. Unfortunately, Kratos knew he was to beaten, so he cried out, “ Ares, I will do your bidding if you give me the power to defeat my enemies in battle,” hearing this, Ares gave Kratos the Blades of Chaos. These blades were attached to Kratos by a metal chain that was  burned into his skin. With his new blades, Kratos made short work of the Persian general. After the Persian general was defeated the Persian army had surrendered to the Spartans, hoping to be spared.

Kratos being a great Spartan General told his army they were to take no prisoners. So he and 20 other Spartans went around and slaughtered the remaining persians. Now that Kratos had made a deal with Ares, he was under his control. Kratos went to a small village outside of Sparta and told his soldiers, “ Burn it down, Burn it to ashes, leave no-one alive.” Kratos, unknowingly, had killed his wife and daughter, who he thought were in sparta. Outraged by what he had done, Kratos swore to kill Ares for controlling him. So he embarked on a great journey to find Pandora’s box, in it, was the power to kill a god.

Before Kratos was to go on with his journey he had to speak with Athena in the city of Athens. After speaking with Athena, Kratos was attacked by undead soldiers and a minotaur. With his new blades Kratos had won the battle easily. After defeating the minotaur, Kratos went to the shrine of Ares and destroyed it. After letting that anger slip away from him for a short moment, Kratos went back to his journey. Kratos had to go through The Trials of  Ares” ,which were very difficult. Kratos had to balance on a beam and dodge spinning blades and flying arrows. After he had done that he was onto the puzzle solving portion of the trials. He had to organize 20 pieces of marble in a pattern to move on. This took him a while to complete, but after all that he still had to do one more thing. Kratos had to use a building stone to climb up to a ledge and grab the Amulet of time. 

After all the hardship, Kratos was finishing his journey to Pandora’s Box. After all the fighting Kratos was getting tired. His pace was getting slower and slower. But, when he did reach Pandora’s box, he opened it and received the power to kill a god. Kratos started to grow and eventually got to the size of the god of war Ares. it was a long and gruesome battle. In the end Kratos took his blades and cut Ares in half. When Kratos was done with this he went back to his normal size. Hearing about the death of Ares, Zeus came down from Olympus to talk with the one who killed Ares. Kratos confronted Zeus and told him he killed Ares. Zeus who was angry for a moment, told Kratos that since he killed Ares he would now become the God of War. he would have a place in Olympus next to the gods.

Kratos, now being the god of war, had many battles in his reign. He had put the Spartans in control of the whole area. In every major battle he would go to the ground and fought with his Spartans. Unknowingly, he was angering Zeus to the point where he was helping the enemy to try and defeat Kratos. On Kratos’s last battle, Zeus came down from Olympus and fought Kratos head on. But, before Zeus actually fought Kratos, he stripped him of his powers, so that it would be an easy fight for Zeus. Kratos who was enraged at this point had started the fight almost immediately. Close to the end of the fight Zeus and pulled out the Blade Of Olympus, which was used by zeus to kill the titans in the Great War. Kratos wrestled it out of his hands and then ran to pick it up. In the same motion that he picked it up with, Kratos lunged it towards zeus, but Athena got in the way and Kratos ended up killing her.

 During this distraction Zeus took the opportunity  to attack Kratos from behind. Zeus had finally got the upper hand. And eventually Kratos lost the fight with Zeus, and the punishment for fighting Zeus and killing Athena was death. After being killed by Zeus, Kratos was sent to the underworld were Hades lived. Kratos had to walk through the plains of Tartarus, go through the Titans Realm, and finally walk into the palace of Hades and confront him. He asked Hades to send him back to the overworld so he could kill Zeus. Since Hades and Zeus were brothers, Hades didn’t like the idea. At that point Kratos was furious. So he killed Hades and got the powers he had. With those new powers Kratos sent himself up to the overworld.

Hearing the news about his brother Zeus became even more violent. Sending waves upon waves of enemies for Kratos to kill. When Kratos was done with this, Zeus sent out Hermes to kill Kratos. Hermes knew he couldn’t kill Kratos so he just started to annoy him, which made him even more angry. After kratos had enough of the games he killed Hermes. This made Zeus extremely angry. So at that point Poseidon decided to try and kill Kratos. After a long and gruesome battle Poseidon was defeated. At this point there were only a few ods that he didn’t kill. The only ones left alive were; Zeus, Apollo, Hercules, and Hera. Apollo was the easiest god to kill, he put up almost no fight for Kratos. Hercules was a different story. He was 7’3” and was so in shape he could lift a stone statue without any help. But, after a long battle that almost ended with Kratos dying, It was Hercules that fell after the battle.

After Hercules was his mother Hera. Hera knew that Kratos was coming after her. So she hid in her garden. Kratos had to go through the garden, defeating Gorgons, Minotaurs, and Harpys to get to Hera. After the Fighting Kratos had to try and solve the puzzles of the garden. After what felt like hours Kratos finally got threw the garden and was face to face with Hera.

Shortly after that Hera died from the plague that infected only the gods. Which only left Zeus. The one who killed him and sent him to the underworld. Kratos knew he had to use the Blade of Olympus to kill Zeus. So he had to go find the blade. It turns out that Hephaestus, the god of the forge, had the blade for safe keeping. Since Kratos had to save his energy for the fight with Zeus, he simply asked for the blade. Hephaestus, not knowing what was going on, gave the blade to Kratos and said he needed it back before Zeus would find out. Kratos just laughed and said, “Zeus will never know the blade is gone.” Kratos also had to find Pandora’s box again. He needed the power once more. When Kratos found the box, he was surprised that there was no more power. He was outraged that the power was gone. Kratos destroyed everything in the room that he was in because of anger. He then stormed out of the room and left to go fight Zeus. 

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