Wraiths Story 1

     By: Wraith


  I’m going to tell you how I broke my skull when I was 3. In 2005 I was at the 3rd house on the left past the railroad after the Rail Station. It just got done raining and me, Jalen, and Drew were playing outside in the light  fog and wet grass. Our daycare lady kitty said “Try not to slip on the grass.” We were playing tag and I was running from Drew.

 In my head I was thinking “I have to get away I don’t want to be it.”  A few moments later I slipped and hit my head on a bike chain holder. It split my skull into two sections. They brought me to the hospital where they put staples in my head to hold the sections in place. I didn’t see my friends for a long time.

My parents were so worried  they thought I was going to be dead. My family and my friends would come to see how I was doing. On the day I woke up my parents, and my cousins were there. When I woke up I said to my cousin I said, “ you’re it” 

  I had to stay in the hospital for 4 to 5 days. The accident changed me for a long time I had to go home with medical bandages wrapped around my head. After the injury healed i went back to daycare. The whole place changed. They removed the bikes that were broken in some way. They put better equipment there, so we wouldn’t hurt ourselves as much. I had to take it easy for a while after I got back. I had to live with that scar on the top of my head. 

After a year I was completely fine. I was able to do everything I could before they accident. All my friends asked me how this happened. I would always say, “ Me and drew were running in the field, I slipped, and hit my head on the bike chain.”

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