Warning! images may be too scary for younger viewers

The Water Demon of Glass River

In the late 2000s, the news reported the death of a beloved pet dog that drowned in the Glass River after the currents swept him up. After his death, the warehouse had never been the same since. Many people who work at the cargo dock or drove passed it have reported seeing a dog wandering around the area. It’s appearance looked identical to the dog that had drowned in the river. At first, no one really believed it that it was the dog until they realized that his body was never found. 

Through multiple reports the dog has been described as what looked to be a large, male Chocolate Labrador (Retriever) with a soaking wet coat and white, bloodshot eyes. The Warehouse had to be shut down and the river condemned to anyone who comes near the area for certain reasons. The bodies of past workers and random by-passers have been found dead either mutilated by an animal or have drowned in the river with wounds on them, the bodies were either covered or had some bite marks on them one way or another. The marks were confirmed to be that of a possible rabid dog. I myself have stumbled upon one of these bodies and I know for a fact it’s not just any dog. 

He was a sweet dog but now turned wicked by a greater force. His muzzle now snarls to anyone and anything, baring this rows of sharp and jagged fangs, waiting to sink them into someone’s skin. His size and strength, bigger and stronger than he was in life. The dog’s brute force has enough power and force to tear through flesh and mark your bones.  

His wet nose gives him a powerful sense of smell, allowing him to know when fresh meat enters his territory. Though his ears constantly get water in them, he can still hear your heart racing as you hide from him. But his eyesight is now dull and a bit blurry from the water, making him crash into things often when chasing down his victims. But one main thing I’ve noticed if you ever run into him; while he does have the ability to spawn out of water puddles or use them as type of teleportation, he suffers from PTSD and has a fear of large bodies of water because of his death. 

If you ever pass a river where it’s water is clear as glass and hear the whines of a poor, helpless dog coming from an old warehouse; be smart and avoid its call for it may be the last thing you hear before the hunt begins.

Beware the Water Demon of Glass River


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