Construction Updates

South Ridge is adding on! The South Ridge community high school is in the middle of construction this year. The elementary hallway has had four new rooms and two more sections of lockers facing the basketball court outside. The high school hallway is getting new classrooms, as well as two bathrooms. The addition of the bathrooms was always intended. The original building plans for the school had included high school bathrooms, but they were never built. The new additions are very welcomed for the high schoolers. Having bathrooms in the hallway will drastically change how long it takes to go there and get back to the classroom in between class and even during them.

Construction Picture 4


The exterior of elementary extensions

Construction Picture 7
Completed elementary locker and classroom addition
Construction Picture 6
interior of new elementary classroom
Contruction Picture 2
Week 1 of high school addition
Construction Picture 5
Week 2 of high school Addition

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