Watching her as she sleeps. It’s the most peaceful thing ever. Watching her chest rise and fall as her lungs fill with air and release that same air. I could watch her sleep all day. I study her face. Her lips are perched almost into a pouty face. Her soft, soft, soft lips. How pink they make me want to kiss them over and over again. She’s so cute. She keeps her eyes closed tight. I’m dreading the moment that they fly open. I would love to see her hazel eyes but I love seeing them closed as she sleeps. Sometimes her eyes move back and forth underneath her eyelid. She’s dreaming. It pains me to know that she could be having a nightmare and there is no way for me to save her. I would do anything to protect her. I want to hold her in my arms forever and keep her safe from the horrible world. Sometimes when she sleeps she crinkles her nose. Her cute, perfect nose. Occasionally, she snores. Even her snores are perfect. I don’t understand how one human being is so perfect. Her arms are short and skinny. Her skin just looks so soft. I could rub it forever. Don’t even get me started on her legs. Her thighs bend perfectly with her knees and her calves. Perfect. Her cute, tiny feet. How does she keep them so perfect? I don’t understand. I look back at her face. Her hair always falls perfectly around her face. I want to stare at her forever. I look at her stomach. She thinks she’s fat, but I don’t see it. I can literally see a six pack forming. For awhile I listen to her uneven breathing. The first time I heard it, it freaked me out but now I’m used to it. She breathes in and out. In and out. Her chest rises and falls. Rises and falls. In her sleep, she moves closer to me. Lays her head on my chest. As I breathe in and out I watch her head move up and down. I rub my hand along the spine of her back. Even her spine is perfect. As I watch this perfect girl sleep I wonder how she loves such an imperfect boy like me.


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