Warning! images may be too scary for younger viewers

The Knocker

There’s a man going around towns, knocking and people’s doors asking to be let in for a cup of sugar. His eyes are sunken into this skull with a light glow to them, his whole entire figure is bone thin and stretched out. But most of all is his gnarled, nasty smile filled with the most crooked teeth that anyone has seen. No one exactly knows who he is or where he comes from, all that they know is to never let him in. The Knocker is responsible for twenty home invasion, including deaths.

The Knocker walks up to any house that has anyone still awake and knocks on their doors asking for some sugar for his cake. If someone were to fall for his trap and opened the door to him, he would chase them down to their room and stab them with the glass shards he keeps in his pockets. Then he would open up the corpse mouth and pluck out their teeth only to eat them. Then we would steal any of there clothes so he can hide his gruesome looks. Then when he is done with is nasty deed, he’ll leave, take some sugar and repeat his routine on another house.

However if your smart enough to not fall for his trap and stay hidden from any window where he can look in, he’ll leave and try another house giving you enough time to call the next house and tell them to do the exact same thing. But don’t even bother to try and get help from the police, no matter how much they know about him, no matter how they know his every move, they never managed to catch the criminal. He always managed to escape the police and disappear into the woods. For the sugar, no one really knows if he really bakes a cake out of it, but some say sometimes when you walk by the woods you can smell cinnamon cake.

Beware The Knocker



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