Warning! images may be too scary for younger viewers

The Zoran Express

The Zoran Express

In the early 1920s a great inventor named Nigel Williams created a steam engine that was believed to be the fastest engine ever created by man, he called it “The Zoran Express”. When Nigel was wanted to open his creation to the public, he opened the train for passengers to get a station that took almost a whole day to get to just by any other train. But he wanted to cut the travel time in half and believed that he could get there in eight hours. The race to the station was about to begin, three, two, one! The clock struck twelve o’clock pm. The whistle let out a loud cry and the engine rode off.

The Zoran express chugged along the tracks, running faster and faster towards the destination. Though it almost seems that the train was going almost too fast, 80, 90, 100mph. The train needed to slow and needed to stop but. It was too late, the sparks from the wheels lit a fire inside the boiler and caused an explosion. Killing all 66 passengers, including Nigel Williams who drove the train himself.

It was a horrible day for everyone. The business was buried in millions of debt from the casualties then after forced to shut down when they couldn’t pay the debts off since no bank wanted to help them after the horrible and bitter reputation they now had. But that isn’t the end of The Zoran Express, at night when the clock strikes midnight some say that you can still hear the train thunder down the tracks, still trying to reach its destination before the sun rises.

The now beaten up engine roaring down the tracks, The whistle giving off its demonic cry as it speeds down the railway and the dead passengers that wait in the torn up and ruined passenger cargos, giving off their crazed laughter and mournful wails. The conductor screaming “All Board!!” in his choked up and raspy voice with his jaw hanging low. Then Nigel Williams himself in his old raggy and bloodied engineer jumpsuit, hurrying to end this horrific unfinished business so they can finally rest and pass on into the afterlife.


Though sadly Nigel nor the train has been able to reach the station, forcing him to restart and go through this vicious cycle all over again. Some who walk on the deserted tracks have been injured or killed by the ghost of the Zoran Express. For those who find this hear my warning, if you ever find these tracks and you hear the sound of the Zoran’s whistle, get off of the tracks and run.

-TheParanoidOne ZoranExpressFinal                  



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