The Human Senses

Traveling down the highway at 70 miles per hour. Feel the steering wheel loosely gripped by your hands. Not a thought crossing your mind, just enjoying the wind blowing through your hair and singing along to the lyrics of your favorite playlist. On your way home from a long, fun day, so ready to change into comfy clothes and greet your family. The cars are passing by in the other lanes. Each one contains different people with their own lives, days, destinations. Imagine what their problems are, who their families are, what has hurt them. Engulfed in seeing the beauty of the day, how the sun is about to set and the grass blowing in the wind. The critters on the side of the road, scurrying to their own lives. Hearing the other cars drive past you in a hurry. Your favorite song comes on and you reach to turn up the radio, hearing the first words being sung and slowly starting to sing along. As you feel the ridges of the volume knob and begin to turn it to the right, your senses explode. You feel the jerk of motion, pushing you to the left. You hear the crash of metal, the squeal of rubber on the pavement, and the glass of windows shattering. The piercing pain of your head hitting the interior of the car, the car being compressed from the right side, into the driver’s seat. The terrifying feeling of not being able to breathe. You can feel the cries coming out of your mouth but you can’t hear anything. The sensation of being upside down, restrained by the seatbelt in your own car off of the side of the highway. Blood running down your body seemingly coming from everywhere. You look around, barely holding onto consciousness, and see a middle-age woman running to you from a damaged car with blood on her, and a cellphone in her hand. And finally, the most terrifying feeling in existence, your life slipping from your body.

-Jezlyn A.

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