To this day

Everyone wears a mask

It hides the demons inside

That everyone faces day and day and


On end

It never goes away

It is tiring

It is draining

It is exhausting

It is the worst thing in the world

But it is kept secret

To this day

It weighs heavily on our


Keeping us up at night

Eating away at who we once were

And who we will never be again

It feeds on our exhaustion

It grows from our failures

And blossoms

With our losses

It is a beast

That takes away our opportunities

Creates our downfall

Self destructs us

And those around us

Not only does it

Destroy ourselves

It encapsulates others

People who we love

And hate

The ones who we look up to

And the ones who look up to us

It drains the color from their faces

The life from their eyes

Their joy for life

And as we watch it happen to them

We feel it happening to us

As we look at the beings around us

We are surrounded by mirrors

We know


To this day

We keep it secret

Our deepest desire

Is to tell people

To share

That we are living with these demons

Every day

That what we want

Is help

That we need someone to talk to

But we are scared

Because when others have been

Brave enough

To do it

They get judged

They are perceived as





A ticking bomb waiting to explode


But the last thing they are seen as

Is someone who just needs help

To this day

We will keep struggling

But we will fight

It will seem like we are drowning

But we will admit it

We will be seen as who we are not

But we will know who we truly are

Beneath all of those demons

We will lose others

But we will not lose ourselves

And we will fight

Not only for ourselves

But for others

And for our willingness to speak out

And for the bravery it takes to get help

And eventually

Everyone will have

The light in their eyes

The bounce in their step

The bubbliness in their laughter


Will get the content feeling

Of going for a run

Or watching a sunset

Or eating ice cream

And simply being

Okay again

But until then

What we can do

What society can do

Is we can help

We won’t judge others

We will educate ourselves

We will accept those around us

Through their hard times

Their good times

Their healing

We will console them

Let them know that it is okay and we are here to support them

And as a whole

We will work together

To make life



Worth living

But to this day

People will hurt

People will bloom

People will have highs and


And we will acknowledge that

And the demons will always be there

But we will fight them


And we will become better

To this day

And forevermore

Love will be present

And people won’t need masks



-Jezyn A.

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