Warning! images may be too scary for younger viewers

Daphne Ragwort

copy of starladone

When I was little I used to watch a broadcasting cartoon show called “Share n’ Care” the show was about being nice to others, staying away from dangerous things or bad people and treating everyone right. The main character in the show was a girl named Daphne Ragwort. Daphne was very pale with rosy cheeks, her hair and eyes were the same chocolate and brunette color; she wore a classic little girl’s red dress, white knee-high socks, and black dress shoes. Daphne was a bit plump and yet oddly curvy, no one knew exactly what age she was; she gave the appearance of a little girl but her voice…it sounded like a teenage girl. Even though she was the main character in her show, Daphne was the one to start trouble or “show an example” to kids what they shouldn’t do.


But of course, there was a character to tell her that what she was doing was wrong. His name was McCloud. McCloud was an anthropomorphic goat-man that would ride on a fluffy white cloud; he wore a necktie with his turtleneck sweater and his khakis. Whenever Daphne would get into trouble, he would fly down on his magical cloud and tell her what might have been the nicest thing to do instead of what she did. I always thought that McCloud was her dad because they lived together, and he did take care of her like a father would. But there would be some episodes where Daphne was in her own house.


One night on a late Sunday, I was thrilled to watch the newest episode that everyone was talking about in my school. When I got home I didn’t even hesitate; I rushed to the television and turned it on. I was beaming with excitement as the intro song started the show, and there was Daphne who was supposed to greet us but she wasn’t smiling, instead, she had a big pouty face on and her arms were folded. “Someone is dating a boy I like,” she whined “but don’t worry I know how to get him back.” An evil looking grin stretched across her face, and I could have imagined it, but I could have sworn that I thought her eyes flashed red when she grinned. I shook it off and continued to watch the show. Soon the camera panned over to a boy and a girl giggling and hugging each other. Daphne waited for the girl to leave; when the girl did, she took her chance.


I was confused about what was going on, and I was feeling uncomfortable. Even though I knew I should’ve changed the channel, but my childish mind wanted to see where this was going. So Daphne took her chance and started talking to the boy, but she wasn’t being sweet to him. Instead, she was talking bad things about the girl he was with. The boy frowned and told her that she was being unfair and cruel then told her to leave. Daphne started crying and ran home; the camera panned into her kitchen where she was crying on the table. Right on cue, McCloud flew in on his cloud and…wait a minute, there was something wrong with McCloud; something was wrong.


His white fur was now a dirty dark grey and his soft brown eyes were now dark red. “That ungrateful girl stole your man; what are you going to do about it?” his raspy voice muttered. Daphne look at him with tears running down her face then looked at the kitchen knives. “You know what to do…kill the ungrateful brat” he muttered again. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Before I could do anything, Daphne took the knife and marched over to the couple again. I wanted to change the channel, I was too scared to move a muscle; it felt like I was paralyzed with fear. When the two saw her, the boy asked her what she was doing with a knife; before he could even get an answer. Daphne jumped on the girl and starting stabbing her over and over again.


The boy started screaming and ran off when Daphne finished off the girl; she ran after him and trapped him in a corner. “You shouldn’t have gone out me, Matty…now your little girlfriend is dead,” she said in a mocking, babyish voice. “But don’t worry, I still love you.” She gave him a kiss before she stabbed him. Then McCloud came back and laughed, “Good, my child, now destroy the rest,” and just like that she started to go on a mass murder. I screamed watching it happen; then Daphne looked my way and said in the same mocking baby voice, “What’s wrong?” Then she snapped her neck and screamed at me, “CAN’T HANDLE IT YOU LITTLE BRAT?!” I screamed and finally turned the TV off as my parents rushed in and asked what was wrong. After I had told them what I had watched, they were too afraid to turn the T.V. back on.


      The next morning my parents called the station and demanded to know why they would put that kind of stuff in a kid’s show. All they got for an answer was “What episode?” My parents were furious and told the man, “the Share n Care episode that aired last night!” There was a long pause before the man answered again “Share n Care?…not again, look you’re not the first parents to ask about this, and I’m terribly sorry about what happened…but we don’t make a show here called “Share n Care.” Mom and dad froze as they hung up. Later in the afternoon, the news came on and it was about the latest episode of “Share n Care.” The police have uncovered an empty broadcasting room with the whole series of the show on types but the one thing that scared everyone the most was the amount of occult-like things in it. It would seem that the show “Share n Care” was made by a cult for little kids to join them.


Ever since that episode aired, I’ve never watched any cartoons or have gotten much sleep ever since then.




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