Warning! images may be too scary for younger viewers

The Stranger

The Stranger


I was thirteen by the time it had happened, and who would’ve thought that the timing the incident occurred would be almost too perfect for it to just be coincident. It was near Halloween and my school was raising money for our school forest. I helped with planning, decorating, and putting on makeup, and I was a clown in the trail. My friend Lewis and I were trying on our costumes to see if we fit in them; mine fitted me just fine, but Lewis was just a bit too big for it. As our teacher Mr. Henry looked for another costume for Lewis, we started to decorate the trial with our creepy props, like skeletons, spiders, and other things like that.


When we were done our teacher called for everyone and said that he had a professional scarer named Monty who would love to help us and was going to join us soon on the day the trail was started. It was cool to hear the news that a professional was going to help us with the trail, but he wouldn’t be here until next Thursday. Fast forward to the next Monday; Lewis had gotten his new clown costume and it fitted him perfectly. We went over who would go where and how they should scare the people who would come by and other things like that. Later on, we got a letter from the guy; in the letter it said, “Hey students of Maryland High, I’m so excited to help you out with your haunted trail! Be sure to look for me in the trail, I’ll be wearing a bunny mask with overalls on. See you soon.”


Now we were really excited to see him in the trail. We sent him back a letter of how grateful we were to have him on board and thanked him for helping us. We sent the letter and continued on with the trail. Then our principal came out and told us to get inside immediately. When we did, our teacher asked what was wrong; the principal looked very worried. “A patient from the mental hospital escaped.” We were all shook; The mental hospital was only maybe twenty or thirty miles away from us. We waited to see what would happen to the haunted trail, and we didn’t get a response until a day before.


Turns out the patient was brought back to the hospital, but looking back from today, I think that it was just a lie for everyone just so they could calm down. That Wednesday we were in a hurry to finish everything and get ready for the haunted trail the next day. When Lewis and I got our things ready, we hurried to help out the other students with their props. The day had come and the school had never felt slower as I felt too impatient for school to end. When my last class ended, I gave my teacher my slip to leave early so I could get Lewis and get ready for the trail.


When I started to do everyone’s face paint, Mr. Henry told everyone that Monty was going to be late and he would join us soon when the trail started. I was a bit disappointed when I heard the news, but it was quickly drowned out when I saw how much time we had left before we had to get into our places. The time was 7:00 pm when the haunted trail actually started, and we got to work and started to scare all the people that walked by our spots. Later I felt a light tap on my shoulder and looked around to see it was Monty standing right behind me. I smiled and I thanked him for helping us and told him that his station was next to ours.


Soon he got to work, and I got to say, he really was scaring the people by jumping out the of the bush and screaming at them. It almost looked real…almost too real. After a while, my friend Lewis said that Monty wanted Lewis to help him with something and told me that he would be back soon. What I wouldn’t know is that it would be the last time I would ever see Lewis. It was nearly the closing of the haunted trail when everyone noticed that Monty and Lewis were both missing.


Police started coming in and I gave them as good of a description I could give of the psychotic Monty, but it wasn’t much since he was wearing a mask. “What kind of mask was he wearing?” one of the officers asked, her face looked so worried. “A rabbit mask..why?” I asked, and what the officer said completely shook me “Because one of the patients at the mental hospital wears a rabbit mask too.” My eyes widened and my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach. “But I thought the patient was caught and put back into the hospital,” I said. The other police officer shook his head “We only said that so no one would be worried.”                     





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