Warning! images may be too scary for younger viewers

The Face-eater

Layer Via Copy2
Beware the demons who soar through the night and give everyone’s soul a fright;
They have no nose, ears, or eyes but have a massive mouth that gives off a deadly cry.
Their skin is the color of fresh blood, and their body ends with a ghostly tail.
One touch from their bony arms will send chills of the cold and turn you pale.
Its mouth takes up its whole face and feels for the warmth you give off when your heart starts to race.

Many kids and teens alike try to summon this beast, but it’ll grab you, and on your face, it shall feast. With one big bite, it will chew on your face and leave your body on the ground. To get rid of the demon and keep yourself from getting slaughtered, you must paint your face with Holy water. Then a circle of salt must be drawn and wait there until dawn for when the sun begins to rise; the demon shall flee for it is the sun that it despises. Under any circumstances never summon the demon.

Beware Kira the face-eater.


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