South Ridge GSA Flag




The South Ridge GSA has recently started to make there very own pride flag. The flag consists of the updated gay pride flag with the trans flag mixed in with it. The gay pride flag colors are purple-Spirit, blue-Serenity, green-Nature, yellow-Sunlight, orange-Healing, red-Life, brown, and black. With the trans flag colors, added which are light blue, pink, white, hot pink, dark blue, and blue. They are adding inspirational phrases. These people created the flag Xander S-H., Piper N., Austin F., Gretchen B-L., Chace J., Elle R., Bella D., Allysa H., Haylie C., Christy D., and Ms. Olson and Ms. Moore. They will be presenting the flag in front of the library so that everyone can see and read it and know that they are cared for. The flag will also have nice quotes on it to tell people that they are not alone, and they are loved.

-Xander S-H




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