Warning! images may be too scary for younger viewers

The Two Moons

Starla_s Moon Monster

Imagine a full moon night blessed with soft, shimmering stars and a crisp, cool breeze that had just blown in. You close your eyes to listen to the symphony of crickets singing and bathed in the moonlight. Opening your eyes, you see oddly another moon slowly waxing into a full moon. A cold shiver rushed down your spine and shook you ever so violently. Quickly you rubbed your eyes, thinking you were only just imagining it but only to open your eyes to see that the moon was still there and fuller than before.


Soon both of the moons were full and beamed towards you as if it was looking at you. Then suddenly a huge, hideous grin stretched out into the night sky and started to drool over your appearance. You screamed in sheer terror and ran inside the house as your next door neighbor rushed out to see what was wrong, but the two moons and the grin lunge at him and ate him whole, then the midnight skied-creature slowly backed up and back into the sky. Slowly the moons started to disappear and the cool breeze had stopped dead. Building up your courage, you carefully and quietly stepped outside to see what was left remaining of your neighbor was their empty shoes. You looked around the ground to hear that the crickets had ended their song, then to the sky as the stars slowly began to die out.


The only thing you could hear was your heart furiously beating in your chest, suddenly the street lights went out and all the lights around you. Leaving you in the dead silence, until you could hear a deep, low grumble.


Beware the Two Moons.





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