Tick Awareness 

Tick Awareness

By: Destiny W.

If you plan on going outside at all this summer, expect to find a tick crawling on you or your pets at least once. Ticks are often found outside, whether in the suburbs or rural areas. They can get into your car and your house. You’re not ‘safe’ from ticks anywhere. One way to protect yourself from ticks to use bug spray that works for ticks. Avoid the woods or areas with long grass unless you have clothes on that will cover most of your skin, as the ticks will go on your clothing and be unable to bite you. If you’re wearing pants, tuck them into your shoes so that ticks can climb up your leg.

    If you want to save your dog or cat from ticks, you could get them a tick collar. Most products made to get rid of ticks double as a treatment for fleas. There are shampoos, ointments, and medicines made for animals to get rid of ticks. After being outside, always check yourself and your pets to be sure that there are no ticks attached.

    You can also try to reduce the number of ticks roaming around your yard. Mow your lawn regularly so that the grass does not get too long, as overgrown places are where ticks like to hide and breed. Try to keep wild animals out of your yard; ticks will most likely be hanging out on a deer or a squirrel and may drop into your yard and breed. You can use pesticides, but there are natural tick repellents out there.

   Not all ticks spread diseases, but some do. Some of these diseases, such as Lyme disease, which can be fatal. Luckily, it takes 24 hours for diseases to spread from a tick to the host, so as long as you regularly check for ticks, you’ll be less likely to get any diseases. Stay safe outdoors this summer!


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