By: Emma

Thinking of getting an easy cuddly pet?

How would you feel about an easy to train fluffy little cuddle bug? Here, I’ll help you decide the kind of bunny perfect for your home and some health factors and training advice. Well, firstly you’d want to make sure you’re not allergic them. Secondly, don’t leave your bunny with small children. As in result bunnies are fragile and often die from mishandling. Never pick your rabbit up the ears. And consider getting your bunny fixed. If female bunnies aren’t fixed, they can get uterine cancer by five yrs of age.

What bunnies can and cannot eat. Rabbits are incapable of a little toot so any food that causes gas can kill them. They can’t have things like peppers and celery. Some fruits they enjoy are strawberries, bananas, pineapples, raspberries, and apples without seeds.

When litter training your bunny, you cannot give your bunny cat litter. If ingested some litters could harm or kill or bunny. I suggest paper pellets. Or any bunny friendly litter. Other then all that if you give your bunny lots of free time out of their cage while potty training, get them fixed, know what they can and can’t eat, and use the right litter, then the hard parts finished.

Different breeds and their personalities. Mini Holland Lops are very friendly and playful. They’re also easily trained, need toys to play with. Holland Lops are also playful and not the best to have with small children. Dwarf Hotot bunnies are very social and occasionally moody. Lionhead bunnies are small and fluffy; they also make a better breed for those with gentle children. The Netherland Dwarf bunnies are more energetic and have strong personalities however that may make them more difficult. Lastly, Jersey Woolies are a small long-haired bunny that needs outside play time (also suggested for all rabbits) and is mostly known for how gentle they are. Please, note not all bunnies have the personality of their breed and meeting your bunny before bringing them home is suggested.  

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