Protection From the Sun

Protection From the Sun

Destiny W.

Summertime is coming, and it’s time to break out the sunscreen and flip-flops. Having had almost a full two weeks of beautiful weather and sunshine, people are already getting sunburnt left and right. Sunburns are usually not that severe and are easily preventable. A sunburn is caused when your skin burns from too much exposure to the sun. Skin burned by the sun often is red and painful, even hot to the touch. More severe sunburns can cause peeling of your skin, swelling, roughness, and blistering. If you repeatedly get sunburnt, it raises the risk of skin cancer and can give you more wrinkles and dark spots as you age.

Wearing sunscreen is the best way to avoid the sun’s harmful rays. If you’re outside for long periods of time, be sure to bring sunscreen and reapply it often. If you are in a rush to get sunblock on, buy spray-on sunscreen. It usually works just as well. If you’ll be swimming or doing an activity where you sweat a lot, such as running, buy waterproof sunscreen. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your face, as it will burn just as quickly as the rest of your body, if not more so. If you’re worried about ruining makeup, they make powder sunscreens to apply without interfering with it.

If you’re more concerned about being sunburnt and want to do more than wear some sunscreen, you can wear hats, sunglasses, and, if it’s cold enough, wear pants and a long sleeve shirt. Stay in the shade and limit time outside between the hours of ten in the morning to four in the evening, as that is when the sun is strongest. One other important thing to avoid is tanning. Tanning can be just as harmful to your skin as burning and does not protect from sunburn. Wearing sunscreen and tanning just from being outdoors is much safer than putting on tanning lotion and laying out in the sun.

Finally, if you do end up getting sunburnt, there are some ways to relieve it. It usually heals in a few days, but until it does, it can be extremely painful. The most popular way to alleviate burning is to put aloe vera lotion on because aloe gel can help to heal burns. You can also hold an ice pack on the burn or use a regular moisturizer.

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