Allison R.


It was unusually hot

that day,

the sun reflecting off of

the window.

She touched the glass


as her eyes moved to

look outside.

The grass was green,

bright green.

Cars sped past,

sparkling in the sun

with shades of cerulean,

silver, and bright red

as tires rolled down the


The sky

was bright blue,

painted with wisps of

white clouds

as the burning circle

of the sun

hung from an

invisible string.

She moved her palm under

her chin and sighed

as she admired the


admired the splotches of

pink sketched into

the sides of the tan brick


towering above her city.

The world around her was

so happy,

so perfect,

unlike what she felt like.

Her heart was torn

in half,

taken and stomped on.

There was a hole,

a vacancy

where her heart used to be.

She thought that she

had been in love,

been loved.

Cared for someone

that would never leave


She was looking in the mirror


with his view,

thinking that she was


because he left her

for someone else,

someone prettier,

someone more perfect,



Thinking that she

was the one

that was ugly,



She sighed,

staring out of the window

at the sidewalk,

watching sneakers

scuffle past

as her heart


She was about to close

her eyes

when she saw a pair

of faded white sneakers,

ripped by the toe,

laces slightly loose and

hanging from the side

of his shoe.


a tan sandal,

bronze buckles sparkling

in the sunlight,

walking next to his.

A smile appearing

out of nowhere,

a flash of pearly

white teeth.

Hands linked beside


hair blowing behind them.

Bright red lipstick,

perfect makeup.

It hurt her heart

to look any


so she turned


and didn’t look

back at the boy

that stole her heart.

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