While You’re Young

Allison R.


While you’re young,

the possibilities are endless.

While you’re young,

decisions are easier

to make.

While you’re young,

things may go wrong,

and you may feel

like the whole world

is against


Your mind is naive,

your experiences few,

and your wisdom

is slowly improving.

While you’re young,

you don’t have

much time



grow up

and become

an adult.


While you’re young,

happiness is a virtue,

and sadness

is second nature.


seem to hurt even more

when you

are young.

Grief and pain

seem to be your

only friends.


are innocent

and immature

and a teenager

or a young adult.

But life

while you’re young

seems to go by

so fast.


Life as an adult

seems so far away.

But it’s not.

It’s only a few years

or a few birthdays

and learning

and experience,

but once you have aged,

you are no longer

a child.

You are worn out

and tired

and exhausted.

Being old

means that


have responsibilities.

Being old

and growing up

means that


are not free

and you

are not


but being young

is a gift.


is meant to teach

you how to

stay young


when you’ve



Enjoying life

while you’re young

and youthful

and naive

is important;

living life

to its fullest

as a juvenile

without growing up

too fast

is an advantage.

Doing what you love

and are free

to do

is a blessing,

for you

will have grown up


what adults




is a blessing itself,

but to be born

without doing


with your life

is a true offense.

If you

take a job

that you don’t desire

or you only work

for the money,


will not be happy.

If your parents

or someone else

wants you to do something

that you despise

or you are afraid

to say no to,

you cannot

and will not

be happy.


are yourself,

not your parents,

or your friends,

or your boss,

and you don’t have

to listen to them

or do

what they want


to do.

You are not anyone else

but yourself,

and that means

that you

are the only one

who gets to say

what you want to do.



should be lead

with a loving heart,

someone who cares

about what they are doing

as an individual

and how they are living

their life

to make it count.


should be lead

by a cheerful heart,

not a careless one

that will only care about profit

or money.

But someone who lives

to make money

is not happy.


are unhappy

with all of their money

and have

nothing to look forward to

except work

and profit.

Work and profit

may be what you desire,

but if you think,


is not what it seems.


may not be happy

or joyful.

Success in profit

and money

could mean buying

everything you could have

ever wanted.

It could mean

green pieces of paper.


could mean

failure in life,

in happiness,

and in all things true

and cheerful

in the world.


While you’re young,

Life should be lead

with a beating heart

and a wild soul

and a youthful mind,

for growing up

might just be

right around the corner.

Embracing your youth

and adolescence

in your mind

and using its techniques

in your life

prevents you

from aging

on the inside.

While you’re young,

your mind is carefree

and wild

and independent.


are naive

and wide-eyed

and new to the world,

with a lifetime

of possibilities to discover.

Your experiences are few in number

and you don’t

have much time until


grow up

and become an adult.

You only have enough time

to do what you love

and to make yourself


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