Facebook Announces News Features


At the annual conference for Facebook this year, where they make announcements and introduce new features, Mark Zuckerberg introduced a few key features being added to Facebook. One of these features being “Clear History”, made to address the growing privacy concerns. It will be able to delete the data that other apps and websites take from your Facebook profile when you click on external links. This was introduced because of the Facebook ‘scandal’ where Facebook was giving away people’s information.

Facebook is going to launch an added dating feature in which you can sign up to make an account. You will be able to meet people, much like other dating apps and sites, such as Tinder. This account will only be able to be seen by other people signed up for the feature. Facebook has created Oculus Go, a VR headset that doesn’t require wires or a phone. It will have 32GB of storage and cost $199.

Facebook Messenger is introducing a translating feature. It will give you the option to translate another language into your own language with the click of a button. The translation feature is intended to help connect people, even across languages.

Facebook will have 3D photos and VR memories.The 3D photos worked in the demo, but it hasn’t yet been seen how the technology to do this will work. VR memories take photos and put them into a trippy 360 picture. It is still in development, however, so it still is unknown how it will work exactly.

Other apps will be able to share photos and videos directly to Facebook. Some apps that will be able to do it first are Spotify, SoundCloud, and GoPro. This is to make Facebook stories more of a competitor of Snapchat stories.

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