Allison R.


It was miserably cold

that day,

and he wondered why

everyone was so


The steady beat of the rain

on the pavement was


to drive him crazy.

His head was resting

on his hand as he looked

out of the window,

watching the rain leave

trails of water droplets

on the fogged glass.

Everyone around him


and glowed,

holding hands with someone

they adored

as raindrops pattered

against their raincoats.

The wind blew wet

strands of hair into

their faces,

but they didn’t seem to mind

as they laughed softly.

How miserable,

he thought, pressing his face

into the palm of his hand.

He sat on the bench inside

of the bus stop,

his jeans soaked

with water

as he looked into the street.

Rainwater pooled at his feet,

and he shivered as

the bitter wind

blew across his face.

It felt like a slap

to the face.

He didn’t have someone

to hold,

someone that

would listen to him.

It seemed that he had

no one,

and so he sat on

the metal bench,

dismally watching couples walk

down the sidewalk.

It was a dreary day,

and he wondered why

everyone was so


until he saw


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