FOR Club-S For S


The South Ridge FOR (Friends of Rachel) Club has now been renamed! It is now S for S (Students for Students). Changing our club’s name was only a start, we have so much more to come such as, a donation, a student personal resource center, and building a better community by bringing people closer together.



We made a lot of progress. We got permission from Mark to convert the changing room on the stage into a student personal resource center. We got a student from Mr. Shulstad’s Flex-Wednesday shop class to measure the walls for shelving in our room. Gretchen is currently working on designing a logo for our club. Next week we will hopefully begin the shelf building process along with setting up our donation/fundraiser; which is collecting boxes, decorating boxes, creating flyers and posters and finding someone to design a banner so we can spread awareness of our fundraiser. We hope to collect personal hygiene products, school supplies, and non-perishable foods for seventh through twelfth-grade students. We hope that before the end of the school year this center will be thriving.



Today we made our flyers for the donations that we will be accepted until the end of the year. And we hung them up everywhere. We even walked down the elementary hall and gave them to teachers/ put them in kids mailboxes, so that they could take them home and inform their parents/ guardians. We called multiple stores and companies to ask them for donations to put towards our student resource center. We also collected boxes to put all of the donations in and a jar to put all of the money donations in.



We accomplished a lot. The first thing we did was make a banner to hang over where we would be putting the boxes. We chose the colors blue and green to decorate and write on it with. We chose a bright green because it reminded us of Spring and blue because it is the main color in our logo. Once we finished the sign, we gathered the boxes that were given to us by the kitchen as well as some of our teachers and put them by the office wall. We made a poster to staple onto the boxes so people who were donating knew what the boxes were for. Lastly, we volunteered to serve food in the kitchen to K-12 students as well as clean it because we think it is important to help the people who serve us every day.



Today we cleaned the clothes that we collected through the donation so far. We also put those clean clothes into a room in boxes to keep them fresh and protected.


A wonderful donation of over $60 for the Room of Requirement!



Today we officially opened the Resource Center. We finished sorting some clothes, cleaned water bottles, finished painting the sign and hung it up, and we also took out recycling. We are so excited for students to be able to begin to take what they need. Next school year we will continue to get donations.

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