Fairy Tales Revealed

Fairy Tales Revealed

  1. Wagner

*WARNING* *This article may ruin your childhood. Proceed with caution.*


Everyone has heard a fairy tale at some point in their life. Whether it was read to them or they watched the story as a Disney movie, fairy tales have been a popular teaching tool for decades. What if I told you the stories you grew up with had a darker origin? The original versions of these stories may shock you.


  • Little Red Riding Hood-  This fairy tale has had many versions throughout the years, however, the first known version was by Charles Perrault in 1697. This was a very gruesome tale, even the Grimm Brothers had to tone it down in their later version. It starts out the same but when Little Red gets to her grandmother’s house, she is told to eat the meat on the table, instead of the goodies she brings. The naive girl does only to later realize her mistake. It turns out her “grandmother” is none other than the wolf from the woods and the meat was the flesh of her now dead grandmother. After the realization, the wolf then eats Red Riding Hood as well.
  • Cinderella – This story starts out the same as the Disney version, but the ending is different. When the prince is trying to find the lady that stole his heart by having people try on the shoe, the stepsisters cut off parts of their feet in order to try and make it fit. The prince notices the blood and realizes what they did and continues on. After the wedding between the prince and Cinderella, pigeons peck out the eyes of the stepsisters.
  • Sleeping Beauty- There is a trigger warning, if you aren’t comfortable with rape, you may want to skip this one. So when the princess falls into her deep slumber, she isn’t woken up by true love’s kiss. Instead, a king rapes her and she becomes pregnant with twins. She wakes up when one of the babies accidentally removes the splinter from her finger. To make matters worse, the king’s wife finds out and tries to murder the infants.
  • Snow White – Fortunately, this story isn’t as gory as the others. The beginning is the same, but it changes when the queen wants to kill the poor girl. The Huntsman tells the girl to run and never come back and kills a boar for the heart and liver, which the queen wanted from Snow White as proof she was dead. When the Huntsman returned, the queen ate the heart and liver, assuming they were, in fact, Snow White’s. She then asks her mirror who the fairest was, which he replies with Snow White. This angers the queen, so she takes matters into her own hands. First, she tries to kill her with an extremely tight bodice when that fails, she tries a poisoned comb, which also fails. Finally, the queen thought of the poisoned apple. She offers Snow White the poisoned half while she eats the non-poisoned half. Snow White is assumed to be dead. The dwarves place her in a glass coffin and mourn the loss. A prince comes by and offers to buy the coffin with the girl in it. After some persuasion, the dwarves agree and when they move it, the piece of apple that had been clogging Snow Whites airways came out and the girl woke up. The prince marries her and Snow White becomes the fairest again. The queen ends up invited to the wedding and when she arrives, she was placed in burning hot iron shoes and dance until she fell dead.
  • Pinocchio- With this story, Disney had to do quite a bit of editing.  Pinocchio isn’t a nice puppet as he is portrayed by Disney. He is nasty and manipulative. He ends up killing Jiminy Cricket and feels no remorse for the action. He even tells Gepetto it was Jiminy’s own fault and he didn’t want to kill him. Pinocchio ends up breaking his feet and Gepetto is nice enough to make him new ones. Not long after, he turns into a real boy and runs away. He makes people in the town believe that Gepetto abused him, which resulted in Gepetto being arrested. This story ends with Pinocchio getting hung by the people that introduced him to the dark life.
  • Peter Pan – Another slightly triggering origin. The original was written by J.M. Barrie. To give you some insight into the story this man was mentally messed up. Peter Pan was based on the Greek God Pan. The story is too inappropriate for me to give a full summary, but I’ll give it a go. Peter was the villain, not the hero. He kidnapped children from their homes and forced them to go to Neverland. There are also mentions of pedophilia.
  • Three Little Pigs- Another story that isn’t super gruesome. The first two pigs get eaten by the wolf. The last one outsmarts the wolf and ends up boiling the wolf and eats him.
  • Little Mermaid –  This story starts similar to the Disney film, but as it goes on it is obvious that Disney had done some editing to the tale. The story starts to get strange when she rescues the prince from the ocean and he thinks it is someone else. The distressed mermaid goes to the sea witch in hopes of getting legs. She does, but her tongue was cut out to pay for them. She was also given a short period of time to marry the prince then she has to go to the sea witch. When it becomes obvious she will fail, her sisters ask for a way to have her come home. The witch tells them that the mermaid has to stab the prince, killing him, then she can return home. The mermaid can’t do it, so she hurls herself into the sea, turning into sea foam.
  • Aladdin- This tale is very different. It is actually based in China, not the Middle East. Aladdin is the son of a merchant. The boy doesn’t like to work and that frustrates and worries his father. As Aladdin gets older his father tries to teach him a trade. All of his attempts fail, which result in the father’s death. A few years later a magician from Africa comes to the town and sees Aladdin and tells the young man that he is his uncle. The magician hands Aladdin some money and tells him to bring it to his mother. His mother tells Aladdin he doesn’t have an uncle. The “uncle” goes with Aladdin to his home the next day. He makes up a story of why they never have heard of him before. The mother believes the man and allows him to help the family. The magician brings Aladdin to the location of the lamp and asks him to retrieve it. Aladdin does, but he won’t give it to the magician until he helps him out. The magician refuses and leaves. Aladdin gets out and goes home. His mother accidentally finds out about the genie and tells Aladdin to sell it because she can’t stand it. Aladdin goes out to sell it when he sees the Princess and decides to keep it. He also wants to marry the princess. His mother thinks it’s ridiculous, but goes to ask the sultan for the girls hand in marriage for her son. The sultan agrees but they have wait three months. It turns out the princess is being married that night. Aladdin asks the genie to stop the wedding, which he does. Then in three months Aladdin and his mother go to the sultan to hold him to his promise. The sultan agrees as the first attempt failed. So Aladdin and the princess get married and reign over the kingdom.
  • The Ugly Duckling-  Very similar, the poor duckling was abused throughout his entire life. He ran away from home and tried to make it on his own in the wild. Eventually he wanted to give up on life altogether. Then he looked into the water and no longer saw the ugly duckling, he saw a swan. The swan was given compliments, but he didn’t know how to react to them. And he lived his life happily.


The Frog Prince- The princess loses her golden ball in a swamp. Frog shows up and starts to talk to the girl. She asks him to retrieve the golden ball from the swamp, which he agrees to, for a price. He requests that she kiss him in return. She agrees, but when she gets her ball back, she runs home. The frog, who is upset about the situation, follows her home. He goes to the king and tells him what his daughter had done. The king is upset with his daughter’s behavior and invites the frog in for dinner. The prince then goes to the princess’s chambers. She gets angry with the frog, but eventually gives in and kisses him. He then turns into a prince and the pair get married.

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