Pink Memories

Pink Memories



magenta rose.

The color of bubblegum

blown into bubbles

on a warm summer day

by the beach,

wearing faded blue

jean shorts

embellished with pink patches.


the color of

carefully painted lips

sparkling in the sunlight,

of pink sneakers leaving


in the warm sand.


strawberry ice cream

melting from the cone

and slowly dripping

onto the ground.

Pale roses swirled

with white and magenta,

peonies wafting their

sweet scent

into the warm breeze.

Waves crashing onto the beach,

spraying salt water

onto salmon-colored towels,

onto pale pink painted toes

and sandals.

Lemonade with tiny

ice cubes,

colored pink and


in the blazing sun.


on the beach

in July

while watching fireworks

crackle above

in pink flip flops

under an umbrella.


the color-capturing

the pure essence

of one’s summer memories.


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