Alice in Wonderland-PFCT

Alice in Wonderland: PFCT

Chace J.


          As of this last week, we had our yearly Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre group come to our beautiful South Ridge School. We had two directors this week, Brian and Shannon. They have been going to schools all over Minnesota to teach this play. The students only have four days to memorize their lines. This is a very short amount of time so the kids do a lot of their line-practicing at home with their parents or guardians of the sort.

We start off on Monday, April 9th. The kids are to go the forum straight after school to begin auditions. Auditions take about two hours. They go from 3:15 P.M. until 5:30 P.M. They take main characters from the play and have you act them out to see who’s best suit. Then they announce who got the main leads and what part everyone has. Now their version of Alice in Wonderland is a little different than the original. This is meant to add more excitement to the play.

Our main leads were Sophie Johnson as the Duchess, Starla Vlaminck as Cheshire Cat, Taylor {last name unknown} as dormouse, Quinn FierkeLepp as the Hare, Sawer FierkLepp as the White Rabbit, Brian {director} as the Mad Hatter and Mr. Dodgson, Shannon {director} as the Queen of Hearts, Keegan Fosness as the King of Hearts, Alissa Horne as the Caterpillar, and Chace Johnson as Alice. Along with the lead characters, there are many other actors in categories like the Cards, Flowers, Birds, and the Duchess party. This all took place on Monday. The Cards, Alice, White Rabbit, Hare, Dormouse, and DoDo bird all had to stay after school for another two hours to practice their songs and dances to be prepared for Friday’s show.

johnson 5johnson 6

Tuesday rolls around and practice begins at different times for everyone today. The Dodo and the Birds are learning their song and dance for the performance with Brian. Shannon is working for the Cards, Flowers, and Caterpillar. Alice switched from group to group to do work with the Flowers and Birds.

As we make our way into Wednesday, the directors tell us that we cannot use our scripts at all today. At this point, the cast members are a little nervous and no one is ready for this, but we go straight into it. The cast struggled with a few of their lines, but overall they did great.

Thursday came one day before the big performance. We went jumped right into practice. After roll call, they continued to work on the play by running through lines and correcting any errors there were. After the first run through, we had snacks, which is everyone’s favorite. They did a speed run through, which is when the directors go as fast they possibly can through the play. They don’t just do this for fun; there’s a little competition to this. They try to beat other schools during their time run through. Cloquet had the shortest time run through at 31 minutes and 26 seconds. We beat them by 10 seconds. What a close one!

It’s Friday. Hearts are pumping and everyone is extremely nervous for the big performance. The first show was at 1:00 P.M. This show was for the elementary (K through 6th) and they did fantastic!!!! They were loud and full of life. Then 6:00 P.M. rolled around. The actors had to get their makeup done and prepare for the show.

The show started at 7:30 P.M. Brian and Shannon ran out to the front of the curtain starting the show with a few jokes and starting the show by saying, “Sit back, relax, and enjoy Alice in Wonderland!” The show went on and was twice as good as the first one. Everyone was loud and looked amazing on stage. After the show, they all took pictures and were congratulated on what a good job they did. I’m proud to say that for such a short time of practice, they were absolutely amazing.

johnson 7

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