A Note to Society

Dear Society,


We’ve been pushed on all sides to try and be something we’re not, just to fit in with society’s standards. We have to be smart, beautiful, funny, talented, confident and more just to fit in. It doesn’t make sense. Aren’t we all supposed to be different, to be diverse and have our own sense of self?

Women don’t need to have a tiny waist or a pretty face to be worth someone’s time. They don’t need to be skinny or thin or physically fit. Women can be diverse, just like men. We can wear ties and suits. They can wear dresses. Why does it matter so much? Why are we afraid to be different?

The standards of beauty, diversity, and culture don’t define who we are. We won’t listen to your social norms that tell us to dress or act a certain way. There isn’t a problem with being different from the people you see on the street. We can dress however we want. We can speak our mind.

We won’t listen to you anymore. It only matters what we think of ourselves. Not you.

We used to think that you were the most important thing in the world, that we had to follow you wherever we lived or worked. We used to believe that you were helping us, that you were preventing us from the horrors of the real world. But we were afraid to be any more different than you allowed.

Not anymore.




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