Blue Sky

Blue Sky



Lying on the ground,

feeling the soft grass prickle beneath our backs.

Blue sky,

borderless and beautiful.

Dotted with puffy white clouds

slowly floating in the warm breeze.

Leaves blowing

across the ground,

tumbling and tossing.

Hair blowing

into our pale faces,

burned cheeks covered

with thick sunscreen.


hiding in white sneakers

decorated with stickers

from our childhood,

tangled together

in the grass.

Long tan legs

stretched out in front of us.

Hands reaching

for each other

as the sun

appears from behind a cloud.

Looking up

and pointing,

leaning against his chest.

Feeling his heartbeat.

Feeling mine,

my stomach fluttering

with butterflies,

my heartbeat


Glancing at his face.


Smiling back.

Turning away as he

turns towards me.

Clouds floating above us,

shaping into faces

and figures.

Pointing at the bright blue sky,

picking out shapes

and laying on the ground

with our heads in the grass.

Warm breeze blowing across our faces.

Feeling the sun beat down on our skin.

Turning his face to look into mine

and leaning in,

my eyes closing.


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