Powerful, everlasting words

that fall out of a person’s mouth


by letter.


heard by friends, family,




a type of communication

that we use to speak

and relate.



broken hearts

among broken bones

and bruised feelings

over stubbed toes.

Verbal abuse,


and saying goodbye


more than sticks and stones.

Sticks and stones

may break my bones,

but words will never hurt me,

they say.

They don’t know the words

that harmed me more

than a bruise or cut.

They didn’t hear what I heard.

Words hurt

more than physical pain ever will.

Cruel words

scar a person for life.

They’ll remember it forever

until they’re old

and frail.


that aren’t forgotten.

Words that may only be forgiven,

not forgotten about.

They’re a pain

you feel forever,

a sting of poison

in your heart each time

you think about the words

that stumbled out

of someone’s mouth.

A tongue

is strong enough to break a heart,

wound the brain, and harm someone

without meaning to.

Think about what you say,

for harsh words

hurt more than a sprained ankle.

Taste your words,

your poison,

before you spit them out.

Take a moment

before you hurt

someone’s self esteem,

blowing it away like a bitter wind.

It only takes one insult

to bring a person down

from a mountain of happiness.


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