Smoke Free

Southridge’s GSA group has made a banner to show that our school is smoke-free or in other words, we are against smoking and that is what the banner representing about are school.

The banner also has the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa symbol in the corner, as well as a panther paw to represent our school and the name of the school is on there also. The banner shows that we are against smoking and its harmful effects on adults and teens and children if they get a hold of a cigarette at a young age.

The two teachers who operate GSA are Ms.Olson and Mrs. Moore, the art and journalism teachers, and the members of our group are Abigail P., Haylie C., Alyssa H., Kadence L., Gretchen B-L., Austin F., Anna J., Desire W., Gina F., Alaina A, Mandy R., Rachel F., Tarius L., Starla V., Camile D., Lily H., and Ana S.


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