The Letter

The Letter

By Allison


Flames flickered in her eyes

as she stood

in front of the fireplace,


and watching.

The bitter, raw

wind blew through

the open window,

sweeping the silk curtains

to the side.

A cold breeze

blew her hair into her face.

The wood sizzled

as the bright flames charred

it black.

The light from the fire

was dim,

casting ghostly shadows

upon the room.

She turned around

as she heard the faint sound

of boots

crunching in the snow.

She stepped to the window,


and waiting.

There was no one


no sound of boots

or breathing.

The ground covered with snow

had not been touched

by any being

except the wind.

There were no footprints,

no tire marks

from a car.

It seemed as if she were entirely


but she knew

she was not.

She did not see


but she paused

as she heard boots

making their way through

the snow.

She slammed the window closed

and glided to the door,

sliding on the tile floor

with her socks.

Her heart beat in her chest,

pounding against her ribcage.

Blood roared

in her ears.

Her heart pounded with


as the footsteps

became louder

and closer

to the door.

A soft knock

came upon the wooden door,

startling her.

She brought her hand

to the door,

tentatively waiting

for the handle to turn

and the door swing open.

Another knock came rapping

against the door,

this time


and more impatient.

Her hand touched the doorknob,

frozen with shards of ice

and snow.

A letter

was shoved  underneath the door,

stopping at her feet.

She bent over to pick it up.

The paper was smooth

and crisp,

but it was cold

from the snow outside.

She slowly ripped the letter open.

A piece of paper

fluttered to the ground.

She caught it

and pulled it open

with her pale fingers.


out the window,”

she read.

She turned to the window,

where the silk curtains were slashed

and the window pane

was shattered.

She gasped

as the shards of glass

fell to the ground.

The wind whipped

into the room,


the flames from the fireplace.

The room went dark.

She could not see,

for it was too dark

and cold.

She shivered

as she watched the snow

glide across the midnight sky.

She felt a sharp pain

in her spine

as she came careening down

to the ground,

falling onto the rug beneath her.

Her vision went black

as the world around her

became blurred and filled

with inky darkness.


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