Love Yourself

Love Yourself

By: anonymous


Love yourself. It is as simple as that.

Love who you are

Your perfections,

Your flaws.

Self-love is a necessity

The world tries to shape everyone into what they want us to be.

They try to tell us we are not good enough.

Not pretty enough.

Not skinny enough.

Not talented enough.

Not smart enough.

Not athletic enough.

Not kind enough.

Anything they can put into our heads.

Anything that will make us feel worthless.

Anything that will make our hearts sink.

They try to make us all look the same.

They try to dress us up to be the ‘perfect girl.’

The girl they think everyone will love.

But the truth is: the ones who all look the same are the most plain.

The ones who most people think are boring.

They have no life inside of them.

They try so hard to be accepted.

Society says that for beauty to be present, makeup must cover your face.

And your clothes need to be perfect.

That your weight has to be perfect and that eating anything other than salads is not okay.




To be beautiful, YOU need to love who you are.

Put aside the opinions of others.

Throw the negativity away.

Erase it all from your head and your heart.

Strive to be a daisy in a world covered in roses.

Be different.

Show the world that different is beautiful.

That being unique is admirable.

Let your true colors shine.

Loving yourself for who you are is one of the most difficult, yet important things one can do.

An original is more valuable than a copy.

Being who you are inside is more valuable than pretending to be someone you are not.

No one can ever compare to you.

Love who you are.

Embrace your flaws.

Be your crazy, lovely, talented, self.

Do not be afraid to let your beauty shine through the darkness of the world.

Love yourself.

After you have done that, your beauty will be forever radiant.

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