by Allison R.


With my feet dangling

over the edge

of the cliff,

I feel the wind pushing

and pulling at my strands

of blonde hair.

My loose tank top

blows in the wind,

rippling like water

in the lake.

The breeze is cool

on my face,

but it tugs at me,

threatening to push me off the edge.

The roar of the wind

echoes in my ears

as the wind twists and turns

on the cliff.

Feet dangling off the side,

red sneakers kicking

at the dust

and ancient stone

on the edge of the jagged cliff.

My hair trembles in the wind,

draping across my face

like a thin velvet curtain

across a window.


The wind’s grasp becomes stronger,

and I hear my heart beating

in my chest,

pumping blood

and providing life.

The wind pulls and pushes

on my body.

I feel a falling sensation

flutter in my feet

and my chest.

My feet slip,

the red sneakers falling

into the dense green forest below.

Rocks tremble

and crumble

as they, too, fall to the ground

in a cloud of dust

below me.

My stomach churns

with butterflies

as the rocks beneath

my thighs


The rocks

pull me down

and let me fall,

the wind roaring in my ears

and my heart

pumping in my chest.

I fall to the ground

and feel my heart

pound with anticipation

as the wind stops roaring.

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