The Doll and The Moon

  The sweet doll danced as the moonlight kissed her appearance and showered her with a pale bliss. Small drops of snow touched her porcelain cheeks, as the moon raised over the mountain peaks. Higher and higher he climbed into the skies, to gaze into the little doll’s eyes. The Moon blushed the stars that reached here and afar. This was it; he didn’t want to bear it any longer. He had to tell the doll that he loved her.

He shined a spotlight on her and twinkled the stars then they fluttered like birds. She stopped for a moment and looked into the night sky, and looked at the moon with a longing in her emerald eyes. The Moon took a deep breath and confessed his love, admiring his sweet dove. She was touched by his feelings and gazed into the starry abyss then leaned in and shared their first kiss.        

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