Nintendo Labo

By Destiny


The Nintendo Labo is the latest invention by Nintendo. It is a new addition designed for the Nintendo Switch, which has been selling very well. The Nintendo Labo is a sort of DIY and interactive way to play the Switch. It’s cardboard that you put together to use with a compatible game. It sounds like a stupid idea, but the Labo got positive reviews from early access.

There are several kits that have been announced thus far. There is a cardboard controller to drive a car, a fishing pole, a motorbike, a piano, a house, and a robot suit. The robot suit can be worn by the player, including a cardboard backpack with pulleys in it, a visor, and attachments to the ankles. A controller goes into the cardboard headset to sense head movement, two controllers go to your ankles to monitor steps, with the other controller going with the backpack to track arm and leg movement from the pulleys inside using infrared sensors. Using the suit, you control an on-screen robot using your entire body as a controller.

You construct everything yourself with the instructions that come with the kit. All you have to do after assembling it is slide in the Switch’s screen into the slot that is left and play away. The cardboard contains no electronic components so the controller and screen use built-in infrared motion cameras to detect which kit you are using. It was announced earlier this January and is set for release in April. Nintendo Labo sets will probably sell for about $80. The price has some people wondering if it’s really worth it for cardboard, but others are fishing into their pockets ready to pre-order theirs.

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