Raindrops in Her Hair

by: Allison R.


glowing sapphire and emerald,

like candles

in the darkness,

appear from the temple.

Bare feet emerge

from the thick

and heavy mist,

painted with swirls

of peacock blue and indigo.

Her ghostly white dress


behind her as she steps

down the cool,

marble stairway.

Droplets of water fall

onto her long,

tousled brunette hair

and fall down

her cheeks.

The mist and fog

are cool

on her pale skin,

on her bare arms and legs.

The dress hanging

from her petite figure

ripples like a pond

on a rainy day,

falling just above her knees.

She pulls her arms


to her soaked body,


from the cool, crisp air.

Her hair

cascades down her back

in light blonde curls

as she steps

into the grass.

Her dress

clings to her body;

her arms fall

to her sides.

The forest, filled with mist

and pine

is dark

and wet from the rain.

She dips her fingers

into the fountain

and drinks.


frozen and delicate,

line the blonde curls

falling to her elbows.

She shakes

them out of her hair

and stands up,

shivering and cold

in the rain

and the mist

of the forgotten temple.


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