By Destiny


Pink is a gentle color.

It is light and bright and happy.

Pink is a soft blush,

A summer night sky,

A pink lily in bloom.


Pink comes in many shades.

Hot pink,

Baby pink,

Pastel pink.


Cherry blossoms in the breeze,

Frosting on a cupcake.

Fluffy clouds in the sunset.


Pink can be




Groups of flamingos,

Lace and ribbons for your hair,

Glitter glue on school projects,

Baby piglets in the mud.


Pink tastes like

Strawberry milkshakes sipped through a straw,

Cotton candy at the fair,

Pink lemonade on a hot day,

Blowing a bubble with a stick of bubble gum.


Pink is so many things and more.

Pink can mean anything you want it to.

It represents whatever you think it does.

That is the beauty of the color pink.

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