Allison R.


The nail polish on my fingers shines in the mid-afternoon sun, glimmering like translucent blue glass on my hands. I shove my hands into my the tiny pockets of my jean shorts and step onto the golden sand of the beach. My bare, painted toes wriggle in the soft grains of sand near the water. The waves slowly crash onto the shore, roaring and calm. A warm breeze blows across my face as the sun beats down on my skin.

I pull a towel out from the pink beach bag slung over my shoulder and drop it onto the ground. I fumble for my dark sunglasses and push them onto my face as the breeze blows the loose, tousled locks of blonde hair behind my back.

I stand there for a moment, listening to the tranquil sound of cerulean blue waves creeping towards the crystal grains of sand. My feet stumble forward, sinking into the beach as I sit cross-legged on the sandy shore. Waves of deep royal blue creep towards my bare, tanned legs before descending back into the endless expanse of shattered sapphire glass. Droplets of salty water spray onto my sand-encrusted feet.

The violet sky casts a malevolent glow over the churning water as it sweeps across the blanket of sand, marking the battleground between land and sea. Ivory clouds above the ocean are smeared like marble across the sky of lavender satin. Silhouettes of seagulls and pelicans above me cast dark shadows onto the ground.

I lean back onto the beach towel strewn on the grains of sand and lay on my back. I close my eyes and reminisce the memories of bare, polished feet on sand, sandcastles, waves crashing over rose-tinted seashells, and the warm, Caribbean water around my torso. I remember the wet beach towels and the memory of pure, careless summer.


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