The lights flicker

in the darkness

of the forest

as the branches snap

beneath my feet.

I wipe the snow

from my forehead with

the back of my hand.

My heart beats in my chest,

echoing in my ears.

I feel my blood

pulsing in my veins,

pumping through my legs

and arms.

The cool air

of the cold winter’s night

sets in,

my warm breath


in the bitter wind.

I pull my jacket


to my body.

My fingers

are numb and frozen,

but I don’t feel them

and I no longer care.

I only desire to be warm

and wrapped in blankets

and sitting by the fire,

watching the soft light

slowly die.

I close my eyes

and feel the frozen eyelashes

on my face.

My lipgloss

is smeared across my face

and frozen

to my pale pink lips.


covers my fingertips

and my blonde hair,

turning the ends white

like the snow

on the forest floor.


The lights flickering

in the distance

appear closer

and I see from behind a tree

that there is a wooden cabin

in the forest.

The wind blows stronger again,

threatening to blow me away.

My feet are clumsy

in my winter boots

as I run through the blizzard,

through the wall of snowflakes.

I stumble

over the roots of the trees

and rocks in the ground,

tripping over my boots.


The pine trees

towering above me

are covered in snow,

frosted and angelic.

The birch trees,

white and beige and black,

dot the landscape behind me.

Leaves litter the ground,

turning brown and maroon

as the winter snow soaks into them.


I reach the front door,

my breath lingering in the air

before me.

My hair is frozen to my scalp

and my jacket

is streaked with mud.

I slowly push the door open with my foot

and walk inside.

I throw my foots off of my feet

and peel my wet jacket

off of my chest.

The fire crackles

in the fireplace of the cabin,

and I sit on the carpet next to it,

warming my frozen limbs

and frosted hair.

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