-Sailor’s Delight


I used to love red.

Until it was

The only thing people used

To describe who I was.

Red is rage.

Red is love.

Red is the thing you see

When you’ve been

Cut, stabbed, and broken.



I never did like orange.

It was the color of

Torturous memories.

It held so much meaning

Yet it was so overlooked.

Orange is the color of

Leaves about to fall.



I HATE yellow.

It’s the color of

Burning liquid

In bottles and cans.

Cans that line shelves in the fridge

Bottles that shatter when they hit the floor

That awful scented

Burning liquid.



I loved green.

It’s everywhere.

Even in the harshest winter.

But green is jealousy,

Hate, and spite.

It is a hidden emotion

that has yet to be unlocked



My eyes are blue.

Blue is sadness.

Blue is deep.

It is the sky and the sea

And it’s spread so much farther

Than a helping hand,

A little smile.

Why can’t blue

Be gone?



Purple is royal.

It’s grand,


And graceful.

But purple is also bruises.

Purple is sick.

Purple is the ink

That spreads across skin.


I will tell you this

I am




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