It is so easy to become jealous

Over something someone else has

Or something someone else is

It seems as if there is always someone to compare ourselves to

Because we are incapable just loving ourselves

We often think someone is always







More athletic

More creative

More lovable

Than them

But that is just the problem

You see

We all have a list of things

That we will forever want to change

About ourselves

Our body

Our face

Our image

A list that no matter how many times or ways we try to get rid of

It will always find a way to creep back into our heads

To give us the feeling of being less worthy of feeling beautiful

To make us want to run away and hide

To wear clothes that cover everything we do not like

All because we feel like we don’t match up

With someone we think is perfectly made

But inside

We are fighting the same battle

As everyone

Everybody is beautiful

Every Body is beautiful

One of the biggest challenges

We will face

Is having to teach ourselves to accept who we are

If everyone worries about comparing

Themselves to each other

All the eyes in the world

Will be focused on the things others have

The things  others are comparing to what they do not have

But if we are only focusing on others

Who will be able to see our own beauty

Who will look down

And be able to say

That they love what they see

And they no longer desire to change it

We must grow

To see how truly amazing we are

If everyone was the same

What beauty  and diversity would there be in the world

There is no such thing as an imperfection


There is a such a thing as

Wishing you were different

Wishing you could walk in someone else’s shoes

Wishing you could feel what someone else’s body would feel like

Inplace of your own

Or dreaming of what it would be like

To have people look at you with admiring eyes

No matter how hard you try

There is nothing you can do that will make you more beautiful

Than you naturally are

I dream of the day




Can live on this Earth

And proudly walk around

Showing others how confident they are in their own skin








And until the end of time

Be the light

Showing others

How great it is to be yourself

Love yourself

Love others

Love who you are

Love what you can do

And that

Is the key

To radiating beauty


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