By Destiny


Hiccups are caused when a muscle that helps you breathe (called a diaphragm) becomes irritated and jerks. This makes you inhale suddenly. This is called a hiccup also sometimes known as a hiccough. Some causes of the hiccups are eating too fast, overeating, being nervous, or being excited. For most people, hiccups occur for no reason at all. Hiccups only last a few minutes to a few hours and go away without treatment for the most part. If your hiccups last more than two days, you should see a doctor about it. Most people know of a few remedies such as holding your breath, but here are a few more you may not have known about:

  • Slowly drink cold water
  • Hold your breath
  • Gargle with cold water
  • Bite on a lemon slice
  • Compress your chest
  • Breathe into a paper bag
  • Drink a little bit of vinegar
  • Put a pinch of sugar under your tongue
  • Have someone scare you or scare yourself


As said before, if none of these treatments work, hiccups will often go away without any help, and your breathing will return to normal. There are some strange cases where hiccups do last quite a long time without going away. The world record for the longest case of hiccups was 68 years. The record was set by a man named Charles Osborne. He first got the hiccups in 1922, and he didn’t stop hiccuping until 1990.


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